On May 11, the Chaozhou Municipal Police Department and its local police stations in Guangdong Province began another round of illegal arrests and persecution of Dafa practitioners. It is known that practitioner Zeng Shugang, from the Chaozhou urban district, successfully escaped after his home, which was surrounded by police. He is currently homeless. Wu Peifen, from Caitang, Chaoan County, was also forced to leave home in order to avoid further persecution. Practitioners Rui Fen, Ms. Diao, Chen Wande, Yang Junhui, and Xiang from Anbu, Chaoan County, were arrested. Ms. Diao was detained in the Hongshan Detention Center, and Rui Fen was sent to the Longhu Detention Center in Shantou City. The remaining practitioners were detained in a newly built detention center in Chaoan County. Lin Xiangrui, from Raoping County, was also illegally kidnapped.

Zhuang Gu, a policeman from the Xiangqiao District in Chaozhou City, along with instructor Liang, Zheng Weipeng, and Ren Laixi (director of a residential committee) acted in a very evil manner. After they failed to catch Zeng Shugang, they planted truth-clarification materials in his home and took pictures in order to frame and persecute him.

Fellow practitioners, please draw significant lessons from this incident. The losses are serious. It is known that many Dafa practitioners have difficulty studying the Fa with a calm mind. Their righteous thoughts are also seriously disrupted. There is also another serious problem. Many practitioners lack a strong sense of safety consciousness. Paying attention to the safety issue does not mean being afraid of being arrested. It is in fact an issue of whether or not we can be responsible to the Fa. Telephones, for instance, are very easily monitored by the police. This time, however, almost all the practitioners involved in this incident used telephones to contact each other. They also did not take good care of Dafa books or truth-clarification materials. Each time when practitioners get arrested and persecuted, the losses are serious. Each of our practitioners should awaken! This incident not only reflects problems of individual practitioners, but also suggests that we, as a whole body, still have various omissions in our cultivation.

We hope that every practitioner can bring up good suggestions, so that we can coordinate better, and keep up with the process of the Fa-rectification.