June 14, 2003

(Clearwisdom.net) Wang Junlin, the superintendent of Zhangjiabao Village Police Station, extorts money from practitioners whenever there is a "sensitive" day (such as a national holiday or during an important government conference, when practitioners are considered more likely to go to Beijing to appeal). At that time he ransacked practitioners' homes, and arrested practitioners if he discovered Dafa materials in their possession. If he failed to find Dafa materials, he would still arrest practitioners on the grounds that they refused to give up their practice. He would then demand money from the practitioners' families for their release. In one year, some practitioners were arrested several times in this way.

Before Oct 1st, 2002, Wang Junlin had found a tape in a practitioner's home in Shifuobao Village. He took the practitioner to the Detention Center of Yi County. The practitioner was only released after the 16th Communist Party Meeting, and after family members paid a fine. Before the 16th Communist Party Meeting, Wang Junlin led police to arrest two female practitioners from Jiushaoguo Village and Xiaozhuang Village, forcing them into a car and sending them to the Detention Center of Yi County. Police wouldn't allow family members to visit, saying that the practitioners were still practicing Falun Gong and could thus only be released if their families paid a fine. Otherwise, the practitioners would be sent to a forced labor camp. Consequently, the two practitioners' families were forced to pay 3000 Yuan and 1000 Yuan respectively. The practitioners were released after the 16th Communist Party Meeting.

On June 8, 2003, a practitioner who worked far away returned home. That night he was arrested by Wang Junlin. Before the Spring Festival of 2002, Wang Junlin, along with some other police, searched the practitioner's home and found a Dafa book and tape. The practitioner and his wife were sent to the police station where they were threatened with the possibility of being sent to a detention center. After several thousand Yuan were extorted from them, the couple was released. The couple couldn't remain in the village, so they sent their child to go live with an old, sick parent, and they moved from place to place to find work and avoid further persecution.