June 17, 2003


"The Lawsuit is Great! Please Continue!"

While passing out flyers regarding the lawsuit against Jiang in a Chinatown in Argentina, I met a middle-aged man from Mainland China. Upon receiving the flyer, he said, "This is great! You gave me a flyer last week right? Is this the updated news? The lawsuit is great. It needs to continue, to continue!"

"I am Sorry"

A western practitioner gave a young Chinese man an English flyer. It was apparent after he saw it, that he wanted to throw it away. I immediately approached him, and spoke to him softly, "Please do not throw it away." He looked puzzled. I took back the flyer and told him, "Falun Gong is the 'Great Way' of Buddha cultivation. Please do not casually discard the flyer that tells you the truth." He then said quietly, "I am sorry, I am sorry." Seeing his expression, I felt he might have understood something, so I gave him the truth material and VCD in Chinese. After a brief hesitation, he accepted them. When he was about to walk away, he turned back and said to me again, "I am sorry." At that moment, thinking of our great, compassionate Teacher and Dafa disciples who are being persecuted in China, tears came to my eyes.