(Clearwisdom.net) On the morning of September 5, illegally detained Dafa practitioner Liu Jinyu resisted the persecution at the Shuanghe Forced Labor Camp. The leaders of the subordinate team Wang Yan and Wang Yujing called on two policemen to assist. One of them came forward and caught hold of Liu Jinyu's hair and forcibly dragged her outside. Another Dafa practitioner from the same dormitory Zhang Liqun said, "Why are you assaulting people, are you a policeman or a hoodlum?" The policeman assaulting Liu Jinyu immediately dragged Zhang Liqun to the ground, and started to punch and kick her. He shouted, "Yeah, I'm a hoodlum, now what!" Another Dafa practitioner witnessing this scene went forward to stop the assault, but was knocked to the ground, unconscious. At that point, an inmate from the same dormitory, Zhang Juan, only asked a simple question, "Why are you beating people?" Policeman Wang Yan went forward and slapped her face, saying, "What business is it of yours?" Because of her question, Zhang Juan was forced to sit on a metal bench for 60 hours and had her sentence was extended by 45 days.

That day, Liu Jinyu was forcibly dragged by a number of policemen to the office. She was screaming as she was dragged, and one policeman started to beat her while shouting, "Did I tell you to scream, did I tell you to scream?" At the same time, the policeman used two fingers to jab at her neck, causing her to become unable to speak. When Wang Yan suggested that Liu Jinyu be put to work and was rejected, Wang Yan immediately said, "Take her upstairs and fix her!" (The confinement room was on the third floor and the Dafa practitioners' dormitory was on the first floor). One policeman immediately went across to drag Liu away, but Liu resisted. Another policeman came forward and started to kick her in the chest until Liu could hardly breathe. At the same time another policeman went forward to punch and kick her, and then forcibly dragged her upstairs. As they were dragging her upstairs, one policeman bashed her head against the wall. The wound on her head remained painful even after more than a month. Liu was beaten until her face was badly swollen, her nose was bleeding and she could no longer speak. Her eyesight was also affected. During the confinement, both her hands were handcuffed to the metal bench, and she was tied up. She was bound this way to the metal bench for twenty-four hours a day and not allowed to wash or change her clothes. She was fed two meager, cold meals per day. She was only allowed to visit the toilet three times a day. The most severe situation occurred on the tenth night of her confinement, when her nose started to bleed profusely. When they stopped up her nose, blood flowed from her mouth and ears. Though the doctor gave her some medicine, it was not effective at all. In spite of her suffering so badly, she was confined for twenty-five days before she was returned to the dormitory.

At the same time, four Dafa practitioners from another dormitory also resisted the work given to them, and they were all sent to strict confinement and the metal bench.