In mid-May 2003, when over 30 Falun Dafa practitioners from Jiaohe City, Shasongling County, Jilin Province were having a Falun Dafa conference, an informant reported them to the authorities. Wei Yalan, the leader of the county, and Dai Zhenhua, the political and judiciary commissioner, led policemen Li Dechang, Jiang Xicai and others to suddenly burst into the conference. They apprehended all the practitioners who were there.

Wei Yalan, Dai Zhenhua, and the others tortured Guan Peilan in an effort to extort a confession. Guan was hung up and beaten all day by three policemen. She had wounds all over her body. Her face was swollen and distorted.

Guan Peilan maintained righteous thoughts and demonstrated righteous behavior. She sent forth righteous thoughts for a period of seven days and went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. After these seven days, she nobly walked out of captivity. We do not know the condition of the other arrested practitioners.