The so-called people's police in Shantou City, Guangdong Province have been supporting illegal acts for a long time. Within their jurisdiction, prostitution, gambling and drug dealing have become "legalized," and the public engages in these activities openly. On the other hand, the police there never miss out on any opportunity to extort money from Falun Dafa practitioners who follow the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance," and strive to be good people.

When dealing with Falun Dafa practitioners, the police never follow any laws, and they steal whatever property practitioners have, or send practitioners to prison if they don't have any money. The No. 1 Section of the Shantou City Police Department and the Gurao Police Station in Chaoyang District are the two agencies that have committed the most vicious acts toward practitioners. According to available statistics, the police stole hundreds of thousands of Yuan1 and abducted more than 10 practitioners in just 5 months.

Shantou City's National Security Brigade is a special organization for persecuting Dafa practitioners. The new captain (surname is Guo, male), deputy captain (surname is Fan, male) and the head of section (surname is Wu, male) are utterly villainous and criminal. They have recently set up a "special task group" to persecute Dafa practitioners and illegally search practitioners' homes, abduct practitioners, and commit all types of crimes. The policemen named Chen Huanmin and Li Dongming have had the atrocities they committed revealed on Clearwisdom.net. But they have changed their phone numbers, and are still continuing their evil deeds.

Related phone numbers:

á Office Home Mobile
The Shantou City Police Department
Huang Jinhua 86-754-8971889 86-754-8273988 86-13829692338
Xu Junmin 86-754-8279183 86-754-8466168 86-13902773886
Wu Shaorong 86-754-8435233 86-754-8887798 86-13902749898
Xie Yongpeng 86-754-8271298 86-754-8218887 86-13902731868
Song Rongsheng 86-754-8976033 86-754-8241178 86-13802332323
Zhang Changjian 86-754-8296116 86-754-8536986 86-13802338188
Luo Meisheng 86-754-8292082 86-754-8269923 86-13802334428
Zhang Libo 86-754-8288063 86-754-8538088 86-13802338088
Chen Nianxing 86-754-8535560 86-754-8555883 86-13809844588
Guo Shize 86-754-8435033 86-754-8628928 86-13902772688
Yu Changzhong 86-754-8435133 86-754-8571388 86-13902722138
Shantou City "610 Office"2
Xiao Guangxiong 86-754-8410983 86-754-8849286 86-13902729206
Shantou City's National Security Department
Lin Weimin 86-754-8974911 86-754-8882329 86-13923668999
Chen Jingxiang 86-754-8974210 86-754-8559751 86-13502944712
Jiang Weiwu 86-754-8974910 86-754-8269555 86-13322772276
Chen Huanmin 86-754-8974910 86-754-8258395 86-13802711268
Gurao Police Station
Zeng Qingcheng 86-661-7617381 86-661-8872829 86-13923972829
Li Xiaomiao 86-661-7617381 86-661-8814618 86-13903042773
Cai Yitao 86-661-7617381 86-661-8842268 86-13502928686
Zhang Haipeng 86-661-7617381 86-661-8811118 86-13809710631
Ke Chuwen 86-661-7617381 86-661-7764630 86-13502922652

1 Yuan is the Chinese currency. The average monthly salary of an urban worker in China is 500 Yuan.

2 "610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.