In Jidong County, Heilongjiang Province, 16 female practitioners (Cai Guirong, Luo Wei, Kong Lingzhi, Yuan Liqin, Wang Yulan, Li Yulan, Liu Lixiang, Li Yuzhen, Meng Qingrong, Yu Chunzhen, Li Shufen, Guan Fengying, Wang Shuxian, Xu Yunling, and others) were illegally abducted by the police from the Jidong Detention Center for publishing facts about the persecution on the Internet. On April 24, they were illegally sentenced to forced labor for 1 to 3 years. They are now being detained in the Harbin City Drug Rehabilitation Center.

Six male practitioners from Jidong (Ren Shouzhi, Mu Defu, Zhang Yunlong, Meng Dehui, Huo Fengqi, and Jia) were also illegally abducted and illegally sentenced to forced labor. They are now being detained in Jixi City's Labor Camp.

On April 2, Jidong County practitioner Guo Changyu's residence was surrounded tightly by police from the Hengshan police station in Jixi City. The police climbed up to 7th floor on a long ladder and entered her home through the window and took her away. She is now being detained in the Number Two Detention Center, Jixi City.