(Clearwisdom.net) I was illegally detained in Beijing's Women's Forced Labor Camp (formally known as Xinan), 3rd Division. I would like to share my experience and tell what I know to the world.

The police in the 3rd Division of the Forced Labor Camp separate newly admitted Falun Gong practitioners into different rooms and during forced brainwashing. Practitioners with firm belief continue to receive inhuman treatment:

1. Sleep deprivation.

2. Not allowed to take care of basic personal hygiene or change clothes.

3. Practitioners were not allowed to go to the bathroom. Many practitioners had no choice but to relieve themselves, and this also resulted in pain and discomfort in their bladders and kidneys.

4. We were not allowed to drink or eat for long periods of time.

5. We were forced to endure extensive physical punishment, including standing posture as a soldier (both toe and nose touching the wall), squatting down (half way), flying an airplane (facing the ground with both arms extending backwards), and marching.

6. Prison police tied up Dafa practitioners. To avoid having them cry out in pain, the police stuffed dirty rags or dirty underwear into practitioners' mouths. The prison police and collaborators (former practitioners who have turned against Dafa under pressure) surrounded a practitioner and used a specially made electric baton to strike her viciously for a long period of time. The police tied practitioners' hands from behind, hung them up by the rope, and hit them violently. The torture usually lasted a few days and nights. They did not release practitioners even after they lost consciousness. The police would wake them up and continue to hit them violently.

Ms. Kan, a practitioner from Beijing's Chaoyang District, was hung up and beaten for an extensive period of time. Her wrists were broken, and she could no longer take care of herself. She has been receiving medical treatment for a long time.

In 2002, after disappearing for quite a while, Zhang Yijie, a very dedicated practitioner finally reappeared. However, a large area of her body was badly bruised. A large portion of her face was dark purple and swollen. Her eyes were swollen shut. Prison police and collaborators shamelessly yelled, "She has done plastic surgery on herself!"

At around 1 a.m. one day in April 2002, prison police closed all the metal gates in the hallway. Policewoman Jiao Xuexian (Team lead of the 3rd Division), policewoman Huo Xiuyun, and five or six collaborators and thugs viciously tortured Dafa practitioner Lang Dongyue. They stripped off her clothes, and hit her with their fists, feet, and wooden sticks. These beasts even shamelessly used a toothbrush to sexually assault Lang Dongyue. They forcibly inserted the toothbrush into Lang's vagina, and violently forced the toothbrush in and out then scraped her inner vaginal area to cause her extreme pain. Prison police spat chewed food onto her body. Jiao Xuexian used her high-heel shoes to step on Lang again and again with all her strength. They wrote dirty words against Dafa all over Lang's body.

On one very cold morning in 2002, policewoman Jiao Xuexian (Team lead of the 3rd Division) sent all 3rd Division's prisoners to the exercise field to knit sweaters. Four hours later, when prisoners went back to their holding places, they were greeted by a mess in the room. Chicken bones and water were all over the floor. Five collaborators surrounded and hit Tao Xueling. The heater was broken. Tao's chest and stomach were injured. She could not breathe normally. Her genital area was seriously damaged. As a result, she had difficulty going to bathroom for a long time. However, these thugs (Zhang Su, Zhang Cuifen, Han Jiwei, Yao Mingming and others) were officially "recognized" and rewarded with reduced terms from the camp.

On July 15, 2002 at around 1 a.m., prison police Bo Jie, along with drug addicts Ma Jun and Tian Jing, took a diligent practitioner to an empty building to be cruelly tortured.

The Beijing Women's Forced Labor Camp put those practitioners who had yielded unwillingly under extreme pressure to work at least 15 hours every day without pay. They often worked at night. In addition, the remaining time was used to psychologically torture to them. After people got up at 5:30 am, the forced labor camp announced various lies over the public address system along with prison police's abusive language to start the day.

The forced labor camp does not allow Dafa practitioners to talk freely. The camp authorities are afraid of their crimes being spread and exposed to the outside world. They strip and check practitioners' clothes every one to two weeks to search for anything suspicious.

In the forced labor camp, every Falun Gong practitioner is seriously tortured mentally and physically. The anguish they must endure defies description.

We hope that the kind people of the world will condemn and stop the persecution.

Prison policewomen: Jiao Xuexian (3rd Division team lead), Huo Xiuyun and Bo Jie.