June 12, 2003

(Clearwisdom.net) In December 1999, 32 Falun Gong practitioners in Qidong County were detained for going to Beijing to tell the government about the benefits Falun has brought to them and to ask for the right to practice openly and freely. They were brutally tortured in the Qidong Detention Center. The practitioners went to Beijing of their own free will and were not led by anyone to do so. But police officers tortured and interrogated the Dafa practitioners in order coerce them into admitting that they had executed some organized plan.

Falun Gong practitioners Deng Honghua, Chen Xiuyun, and Jiang Meiying were tortured by police officers Wang Ximin, He Zhengrong, and Li Wei for three days and nights. Their backs were injured from the beatings and swelled up, making it difficult to walk. In March 2003, Jiang Meiying was illegally detained at the County Detention Center again.

Dafa practitioner Ms. Zhou, in her fifties, was tortured by police officers for her firm belief in Falun Dafa. Police force-fed her heavily salted water or water with chili pepper mixed in to torture her. Her mouth was bleeding from blows to her face, and police officers stopped beating her only after she fainted. The officers then threw her into a jail cell with no concern for her life.

In 1999 Shi Jinhua, in her sixties, fell unconscious after being beaten by a police officer from the County Political and Security Section. In May 2000, a police officer from Baidi City broke Shi's wrist, causing it to swell badly. She is now able to eat with chopsticks, but the marks of the fracture are still visible on her wrist.

Police officer Zhou Youzhong beat Falun Gong practitioner Zhou Fengxiu until she was covered with injuries and lost consciousness, and then he threw her into a jail cell. When she regained consciousness, she could not eat anything for two days and nights, and was even unable to hold her chopsticks.

Police officer Zhou Daosheng used a mop handle to beat Dafa practitioners. He dipped the head of the mop into excrement, and then swiped it onto Dafa practitioner's faces, bodies, and quilts. He also poured cold water on Falun Gong practitioner's quilts and clothing, soaking them completely. Even 60-year-old seniors were not spared.

Falun Gong practitioner Liu Xuyao was once forced to kneel on a 20 cm wide by 50 cm tall concrete block and violently beaten for two hours. Even criminals who were not Dafa practitioners shed tears when they saw the atrocities Liu suffered.

In October 2000, Falun Gong practitioner Zhou Jianping was beaten by police officers until she was bruised all over and unable to move. Police frequently interrogated her. Each time she was tortured until injuries covered her body before she was sent back to her cell.

In March 2001, He Zhengrong and Li Wei from the Qidong County Political and Security Section secretly brought Falun Gong practitioner Deng Yunlu to the Jinqiao Police Station and hung him up for 7 days and nights. Deng's left hand became numb, and the flesh was cut so deeply that bone was visible. His clothes were covered in blood, and he had injuries all over his body. It took half a year for him to recover.

During that period of time, Falun Gong practitioner Liu Jianbao was also persecuted. Cruel police officers beat him all over his body, and pricked his fingers and toes with needles. The beating caused a 1.5 inch long fracture to his shinbone. Blood soaked his clothes and quilt. With no medical treatment, the injury didn't stop oozing blood from time to time for a month. Liu's hands were handcuffed behind his back, and then he was hung up from the handcuffs for three days and nights. He was not given any food or water during this time. Liu has been illegally detained for over two years without any formal charges or a trial. He is still detained in the County Detention Center.

On March 14, 2001, to protest the cruel persecution, the illegally detained Falun Gong practitioners went on a hunger strike together. Police officers bound their arms and then dragged them out of the jail to be force-fed. Police officers fed Dafa practitioners with chili powder, chili pepper water, or heavily salted water. The event shocked the Hengyang City government. Afraid of taking responsibilities for causing the deaths of Dafa practitioners, evil police officers promised not to torture Dafa practitioners any more, but they later continued their cruel behavior as usual.

In 2002, Dafa practitioner Kuang Su'e was tortured to death by savage police officers in Qidong County. To hide the truth, the police claimed that she had died in a car accident, and paid her family 30,000 Yuan* while threatening them not to say anything about the death. Kuang is the second Qidong Dafa practitioner to be tortured to death. The first one was Guan Chaosheng, who was tortured to death by police officers in Beijing.

Because of their firm belief in Dafa, over 200 Dafa practitioners in Qidong County were extorted an average of 3,000 Yuan each in fines.

Currently, there are still at least 113 Falun Gong practitioners illegally detained in the county. They are not sentenced to jail or sent to forced labor camps; but are detained like this with no time limit. Among them 33 were male, 80 were female, and their average age was 51. They paid a total of 547,812 Yuan in fines

According to incomplete statistics, at least 15 male and 16 female Dafa practitioners are being illegally imprisoned in the county. Their average age is 49. They have paid a total of 223,204 Yuan in fines, and some of them have been detained for as long as four years.

The crimes committed by police officers in Qidong County while persecuting Falun Gong practitioners are innumerable. Once this dark period has passed, the officers will be held accountable for their actions.

The following is a list of criminal officers in Qidong County, Hunan Province responsible for the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners:

Liu Jintian, former Director of the Qidong County Detention Center

He Zhengrong, Head of the Political and Security Section

Li Wei, Deputy Director of the County Detention Center 86-734-626-9261 (home)

Zhou Daosheng, a guard at the County Detention Center

Zou Aimin, Head of the Buyunqiao Township Police Station

Peng Xiaojin, Instructor at the Huangtupu Township Police Station

Li Yalin, Director of the County Public Security Bureau

Wang Ximin, Police officer of the Political and Security Section

Officers from the Guanjiazui Township, Qidong County include the following:

Zhou Hui, Head of the Police Station, phone: 86-734ü|787-0098

Xie Heqiao, Police officer

Liu Xiaoqun and Zhou Changyuan

He Xingming, former Head of the Police Station

Zhou Shuangqin, Zhang Fan, Zhou Jieming, and Tan Xianfu

Zeng Xiangren, Head of the Buyunqiao Township 610 office [a bureau specifically created by the Chinese government to persecute Falun Gong. It has absolute power over each level of administration in the Party, as well as over the political and judiciary branches]

Liu Miantian, Jinqiao Township Police Station

Li Xiaoshan, Chengdong Police Station

Liu Mengchun, guard at the County Detention Center

Zhang Wanli, County Detention Center

Liu Weiguo, Head of the Chengxi Police Station, and former Head of the Guoshuiping Police Station

Officers from the Guoshuiping Township, Qidong County include the following:

Fu Huanying, Township Director

Wang Guibao, former Head of the Political and Judiciary Committee

Zhou Huashan, instructor at the Police Station)

Zhou Huashan, Police Station, and member of the 610 office

Bo Xuguang, private business owner

Zou Changlin, Head of the Police Station

Liu Zhande former Township Head

Zhou Guansheng and Zhou Shuangqing are officers at the Guanjiazui Township Government.

Officers from the Qingshuitang Lead and Zinc Mine, Hengyang City, Hunan Province include the following:

Liu Fangzhi, Head of the Mine Police Station

Liu Fasheng, Production Director of the Mine

Zhang Borong, Mine Police Station

Lu Futian, Deputy Chinese Communist Party Secretary

Zhou Tongcun, Chinese Communist Party Secretary

Chen Youcun, a police officer of the Qidong County Public Security Bureau

Officers from the Jiangjiaqiao Township, Qidong County include the following:

Wang Zhiwu, Township Chinese Communist Party Secretary

Wu Gaoling, Head of the Police Station

Zou Shibo, Kuang Taiping, Kuang Haiwei, Wang Gaoliang, and Wang Zhiwu (all from the Police Station)

Zhou Wei, Deputy Head of the Township Police Station

Peng Zhigang, mobile phone 13974748827

Chen Gaolang, Township Head, mobile phone 13827471669

Zhang Shangqi, former Head of the Police Station, mobile phone 13973430489

the Women's Director (name unknown)

Officers from the Buyunqiao Township, Qidong County include the following:

Deng Dunyong

Deng Yungen, Head of the Political and Judiciary Committee

Xiao Zhong, Head of the Political and Judiciary Committee

Lei Zhengwei, Qidong County Public Security Bureau

Chen Yichun, Political and Security Section

Chen Fuyuan, Chinese Communist Party Secretary of the Liaotang Village, Buyunqiao Township.

Yang Xiaobo, the Second Brigade of Binding, Xinkaipu Forced Labor Camp, Changsha City, Hunan province.

Officers from the Qidong County Communist Party School:

Wang Xiaobing School Head

Xiao Liqiao School Deputy Head

Luo Digui, Disciplining Secretary of the Party School

Wang Yongzhou, a police officer at the County Public Security Bureau.

Xiao Guansheng, Head of the Qidong County Political and Judiciary Committee.

Peng Zuo, Instructor of the Qiyang County Public Security Bureau.

Hu Guoping and Shen Shunhong, County Public Security Bureau.

Zhang Benyun, Qingshuitang Police Station, Qidong County.

Hu Jianjun, Head of a township Police Station

Chen Yousheng, an officer at the Qidong County Public Security Bureau.

Xiao Fusheng (an officer)

Zhou Zhuwen, Deputy Head of the Police Squad of the Public Security Bureau.

Bo Xuguang, 610 office of the Shaoyang City.

Li Gangsheng, Shitingzi Police Station, Qidong County

Li, Instructor at the Baidi City Police Station, Qidong County 0734-6352359

Luo Diguang, former Chinese Party Secretary of the Buyunqiao Township

Wang Shaofeng, Head of the Buyunqiao Township.