Righteous thoughts at the time of danger

Three practitioners went to a small town to distribute the Fa-clarification flyers, CD's, and cards. They handed out the materials to the people as they walked by. A young man stopped them suddenly and wanted to take them to the police station.

Pretty soon they were surrounded by a crowd. One of the practitioners spoke loudly: "Listen. Let me finish my speech. Then you can take us to wherever you want to. Take us to Beijing if you like."

She began telling them how she began to practice Falun Gong, how the Fa changed her, why Dafa is being persecuted, and how practitioners have risked their lives to clarify the truth. She talked for half an hour.

The spectators were fascinated, many of them asking for Dafa materials. The materials were gone in a minute. At this time, an elderly man told the practitioners quietly: "You've accomplished your objectives here. Why don't you leave quickly! We have been asked to report if we see any Falun Gong flyer, and we will be punished if we don't."

The practitioners were very grateful. They asked the young man who tried to arrest them earlier: "Didn't you want to take us away? Shall we go?" The young man was embarrassed and said: "It was just a joke, you can go." This way, the three practitioners left the place calmly in stride.

The Weight of 100 Yuan Coins

We received a package, in which there are rolls of coins. It was money saved for Dafa materials by a young practitioner who is less than 10 years old, and he told us that we must take the money. Holding these coins weighing four or five pounds, I had no words to express my feeling.