(Clearwisdom.net) [Note: The commentary published on this page is written by someone who does not practice Falun Gong. The views espoused are the writer's own and do not necessarily represent the viewpoints of Falun Gong practitioners]

According to media reports, an American individual, Falun Gong practitioners and their families have filed a class action lawsuit against the former General Secretary of the ruling Party, who is also the former Chinese President and present Chairman of the Chinese Central Military Commission, Jiang Zemin. The filing came on October 18, 2002 just four days before Jiang's official visit to Chicago. He is charged with crimes against humanity, torture and genocide. Jiang Zemin is personally responsible for several crimes mentioned in the lawsuit.

Falun Gong filed a lawsuit in the United States, which shocked Zhongnanhai (seat of the Chinese government) and Jiang Zemin himself was even more terrified. Since the Party came to power it has always done what it wants and savagely oppressed the people. In response to the tyranny of the Party, the common people can only choke with silent fury. This is the very first time top Chinese leaders were brought to court in other countries for the killings of their own people. This itself has great significance and will play an active role in striking a blow to the tyranny of the Party's dictatorship.

Media reports say Jiang Zemin was so scared that he has mobilized a large number of Chinese officials and adopted all sorts of diplomatic means to exert pressure on the US government and said, he "would block the case being established at all costs".

It would be good news for kind-hearted and just people to be able to bring this totalitarian murderer to court to be tried by the just and to promote justice for the innocent victims. However, it is reported that this case is now in a very complex period. Because Jiang has exerted personal pressure on the US government and promised to "pay at any cost" the American Justice Department should think twice before yielding to such pressure. However, the interference by the Justice Department could adversely affect this case since it's hard for other people to understand and it's hard to explain in principle.

First of all, people have to make it clear that Jiang Zemin is a criminal who abused his power to murder innocent people. His hands are covered in the blood of innocent people, so he must be punished under the law. However, in China's law yields to power. Jiang has hidden the truth from the people of the world and when there is no recourse for Chinese people to right a wrong they must seek justice in the United States. The law rules the United States where people enjoy freedom and democracy. The interference by the US Justice Department will actually deprive the rights of these victims who seek justice under the law. This is not in keeping with the American spirit of protecting human rights and the principles of ruling by law.

Blocking this case, in any way would encourage the dictator and Jiang's regime would only persecute innocent people in a more unbridled manner. It is like handing out a pass to the dictator for him to kill more innocent people; therefore it will damage America's international image as a human rights protector.

In America, which places the law in the highest regard, everyone is equal. Falun Gong practitioners filed a lawsuit against Jiang in the United States District Court of the Northern District of Illinois for the crime of genocide. Since this lawsuit is in line with the "Alien Tort Claim Act" and the "Torture Victims Protection Act" the case should be established and the Federal Court should accept it. Dictator Jiang Zemin should not be placed above the law. What's more, Jiang has ignored the fairness of the American judicial system and attempted to use benefits and enticements to interfere with the proper carriage of justice. All these are considered acts of hindrance and sabotage to the enforcement of American law.

It is unreasonable that the United States, which advocates freedom and human rights protect the dictator of the ruling Party. The United States should not appease the tyrant Jiang who has a mountain of blood debts.

It has come to light that some people in the US government are worried that the lawsuit against Jiang might create other issues. As a matter of fact, such worries are groundless and unfounded. It has been mentioned above that Jiang is a downright criminal; therefore how could these people mention themselves and Jiang in the same breath. How could they link themselves with Jiang?

Jiang Zemin is attempting "to block the case at any cost". However, because of his corruption, traitorous acts, refusal to give up the reins of power, persecution of innocent people and his conduct during the fight against SARS, Jiang Zemin is widely condemned by the Chinese people and his power and influence are plummeting. In China power is everything, and since Jiang is rapidly losing power his influence at best is doubtful and his "willing to pay at any cost" would eventually be nothing but a bad cheque.