I first heard of Yin Ling when I was imprisoned in the strict-monitoring team of Jiamusi Labor Camp in Heilongjiang Province. She was force-fed there after holding a hunger strike to protest her persecution. Whenever I heard the guards turn on a loudspeaker to the unbearable maximum volume, I knew they were persecuting her by force-feeding. For quite a long time it had been impossible to put a tube to force-feed her because of the injuries in her nose, esophagus and stomach, so the thugs cuffed her on a bed and let some people pull her hair and pinch her nose and cheek so that they could pour highly salted rice soup into her mouth. Every time they "fed" her that way for more than an hour.

A criminal detainee imprisoned in the cell I was in was one of the thugs performing the persecution. Once she came back with the residue splashed on her clothes. I asked what was the matter, but she dared not say anything. Sometimes she felt bad for what she did, but for a reduction in her sentence in jail, however, she continued to participate in the violent activity. Yin Ling was not allowed to leave her cell, even if she needed to use the toilet. She was under monitor by criminal detainees all the time.

The first time I saw her was February 2002. Teacher's "Fa-Lecture at the Conference in Florida, U.S.A." was passed on to my cell then. I made a copy for her, and prepared to give it to her when I passed by her cell on the way to the toilet. The moment I got close to the cell, I saw her with the first look: she was leaning on the wall silently, with a gleam of a smile on her face. She didn't see me, and I was monitored by others from behind too, so I lost the opportunity to give her the copy. Later I learnt from the inmates that she was from Shuangyashan Farm.

About 2 months later, she was allowed to go to the toilet. I happened to be imprisoned in a cell opposite of the toilet. I could see her through a small window. She could not put stand up straight as she moved slowly and laboriously holding on to the wall. We never talked to each other there. I could only silently look at this determined cultivator. After leaving the jail, I learnt from Clearwisdom.net her moving stories. The practitioner who wrote the article (see http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2003/3/17/33424.html) was arrested again and still in jail after she exposed the evil with her article.

Although Yin Ling has passed away due to evil's persecution, I will forever remember when I saw her the first time--she was so dignified and graceful, with the golden afternoon sunshine on her face.

Please remember the thugs who participated in persecuting her. Those that I know of are the following:

Guards in Jiamusi Labor Camp: Gong Chunbo, Zhu Tiehong, Hong Wei, Yu Wenbin, Zhang Xiaodan, Liu Yadong, Zhang Yan, Yin Hong and Wang Guili

Medical doctors in the labor camp surnamed Yang, song, and Liu;

Police & Security Dept of Shuangyashan Farm

The local "610 Office"