(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioners from Chengan County live in poverty and danger because of the persecution. They are arrested, condemned, fined and sent to forced labor camp. Many practitioners have been arrested several times. Each time, thousands or tens of thousands of dollars were extorted from them. Families with a few practitioners are in heavy debt and lead a hard life. Police didn't give receipts for most fines and bail. Police have also ransacked their homes or arrested them at will, without showing any warrant. Ms. Zhao Guizhu was arrested just because police needed to fill their quota. Some practitioners were arrested from home without reason. Wang Zhangfeng's husband and Ding Qiaofeng's husband were arrested for resisting the police's arrest, even though they are not practitioners. Ding Qiaofeng's parents kneeled down to plead with the police, but no one listened to them.

Ms. Cao Yuping, 65, was arrested and sent to the police station last Fall. The police said the old lady would be released if they receive 2000 Yuan [Chinese currency. The average monthly salary of an urban worker in China is about 500 Yuan, but only 200 Yuan for a rural worker.]. The lady and her daughter-in-law were already fined over 10,000 Yuan, and the family had no money to hand over. Before the 16th Communist Party Congress, the daughter-in-law was arrested to fill the quota.

On Aug 31, 2002, 68 practitioners from Dingzhuang Village were arrested. At the time of the arrests, police blocked the door, some grabbed money or property, some beat up practitioners, prevented them from putting on shoes, dragged them out and bound them up. The practitioners shouted out together: "Falun Dafa is good!" Two male senior practitioners were carried out. A middle-aged lady with an injured leg was dropped in the courtyard and forced to partially kneel down. A young female practitioner didn't answer their questions, but clarified the to them. Surrounded by police, she was hit and kicked, over and over again, stepped on by boots, burned with a cigar, while the other policemen laughed at her suffering.

Many practitioners were threatened, hit and abused, even teenage girls and seniors over the age of 60. Practitioner Xun Ruilin died from barbarous force-feeding in the Linzhang Detention Center. Zhen Hua was sent to the hospital twice, due to injuries from being beaten. She nearly went blind and her heart disease reoccurred. A practitioner didn't report their name, and refused to have their picture taken. In Operative Team 3, police pressed his head and beat it against the wall, and struck his feet with a metal plate. Li Sheting was severely injured and had severe lower back pain.

In the detention center, practitioners went on hunger strikes to protest. Police yelled abusively as they force-fed them. In one intubation, a pipe was taken out, with blood from a practitioner's throat. A practitioner who didn't report her name had her throat injured several times, due to force-feeding. She almost suffocated to death when doctors made many unsuccessful attempts to force the feeding tube into her stomach. Police deliberately made a show of torturing her in front of others. Prison doctor Gao even said: "We can give her a shot of anesthetics and force the tube in."

Superintendent Hao was transferred to this detention center when practitioners were arrested. He often monitored, punished, and abused practitioners. He hates Falun Gong. When Cao Yuping did the Falun Gong exercises, he dragged her by the hair and forced her to stand in front of a wall. Many practitioners went on a hunger strike to protest . Another time, he told her: "if you do the exercises again, let us see which one is hardest, your Falun Gong or my stick." Once he dragged a few practitioners from bed and forced them to remain standing. Often he intruded into the female cell and forced practitioners to be on duty, and did not allow the weaker ones to sit down, even though they shouldn't be on duty according to the detention center's rule. There was a practitioner who wrote to him, to persuade him to be good, but he burnt the letter with a lighter on the spot.

The detention center continues to detain a few practitioners who are very weak. Li Sheting is still suffering from lower back injuries. Xia Wenzhong has high blood pressure. Zhang Meiqing, nearly 60, went on a hunger strike many times to protest. She was injured after being struck by a plank and sent to the hospital after her cell was searched. She is very weak. Yu Ruifang, nearly 60, was delivered to labor camp and refused admission. Police didn't release her for a long time, because they couldn't extort money from her. Song Xiaolan, fell over due to high blood pressure, severely injuring her head, and developed all kinds of symptoms such as a slowed heart beat, heavy breathing, stomach aches, back pain, and impaired vision.

Police Station Telephone: 86-310-7212662

Responsible person:

Captain Tian, Captain Yang and Commissar Ma

Detention Center responsible person:

Superintendent Fan, Superintendent Yin and Superintendent Cheng