(Clearwisdom.net) Three Dafa practitioners from Mishan City, Heilongjiang Province have died as a result of persecution. Yu Tianyong died in January of 2003, Liu Guiying died sometime between October and November 2002 from being unable to breathe after she was force-fed five times by Zhao Shuguang, head of Mishan City Hospital. Yang Hailing died from persecution on April 12, 2003. Details of her death are being investigated.

Office of Mishan City Hospital Head: 86-453-5222880

Ma Baosheng: 86-453-5229985, former head of Mishan City First Detention Center, currently suffering from an unknown problem in a hospital. His hospitalization has been kept a secret from the public.
Han Yumin: 86-453-5229482

Office of Mishan City Police Department: 453-5223183
Political and Security Section, Mishan City: 86-453-5230149
Head of Political and Security Section: Meng Qingqi, 86-453-5226936, Mobile: 86-13945836696
Police officers: Du Yongshan: 86-453-5223266; Liu Qin, Li Gang

Mishan City Standing Committee of the People's Congress: 86-453-5223673
Mishan City People's Government: 86-453-5223409
Hotline of Mishan City Procuratorate: 86-453-5222000
Chief procurator Chen Jianru: 86-453-5282855 (H)
Office of Mishan City Intermediate People's Court: 86-453-5223843
Mishan City Judicial Bureau: 86-453-5223393
Mishan City Legal System Office: 86-453-5222257