(Clearwisdom.net, June 4, 2003)

(Note: reference materials reprinted on this website were written by people who are not within the community of cultivators and may not reflect the same understanding as Falun Gong practitioners.)

After Jiang came to power, how many people in his family have had their finances and social status improved? It is impossible to count. I am afraid the unsavory facts won't be revealed until he is put on trial.

Jiang Mianheng, the Most Corrupt Official in China

When Jiang Zemin was in office, he used his power to promote his son, Jiang Mianheng, who had studied overseas, to the position of Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He also made it possible for his son to trade power for money in the telecommunications business of China (including control over the telecommunications business in Shanghai), to embezzle from the nation's coffers, and to become the most corrupt official and businessman in China.

Jiang's Younger Son, Jiang Miankang, Was Promoted to Major General

Using the same despicable means that he used to keep his position as Chairman of the Central Military Commission, Jiang placed his younger son, Jiang Miankang, into the position of Vice Minister of the Organization Ministry of the PLA's General Political Department.

The Organization Ministry is in charge of the deployment of all the military officers in the entire army. Any transfer of high-ranking military officers cannot go through unless the Organization Ministry approves it. If the Organization Minister doesn't agree with an officer's transfer, it will definitely not happen.

Jiang Shangqing's Daughter, Jiang Zehui, Was Promoted from an Ordinary Professor to the Minister of Forestry.

Jiang Zehui is Jiang Zemin's cousin. She used to be a professor at the Anhui Agricultural University. After Jiang Zemin came to power, Jiang Zehui was promoted three times, to the Dean of the School of Forestry at her college, to the President of the Anhui Agricultural University , and finally to Minister of Forestry.

Jiang's Nephew, Wu Zhimin, Was Promoted from a Railroad Operator to a Cadre at the Deputy Minister Level

Jiang Zemin's nephew, Wu Zhimin, had worked as a railroad operator in Bangbu, Anhui Province for eighteen years until he was admitted to be the Party and promoted to a cadre in March 1986, when Jiang Zemin became the Secretary General of the Municipal Party Committee of Shanghai. With amazing speed, he was promoted to become a cadre at the Deputy Minister level. He is a member of the standing committee of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, Secretary General of the Party Committee at the Shanghai Police Department, Director of the Shanghai Police Department and No. 1 Political Commissar of the Shanghai Armed Police Headquarters.

Obstructions One After Another When Jiang Zeling's Son, Tai Zhan, Was Put on Trial

Jiang Zeling is Jiang Zemin's sister. Her son Tai Zhan lost 11.5 million Yuan [500 Yuan is the average monthly income for an urban worker in China] on real estate trading. However, his case encountered obstruction after obstruction because Tai Zhan is Jiang Zemin's nephew. Unable to return the loan after his losses, Tai Zhan falsified the public seal of the Yangzhou Gangzhan Real Estate Development Inc. Limited and used 45 suites of a Hong Kong businessman as collateral to the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. The Hong Kong businessman brought Tai Zhan to the Guangling Court. The trial began in March 2000. Although the court held that the public seal used on the Real Estate Title Transfer Certificate was forged, the court was forced to announce its decision to stop the investigation and trial on March 30, 2000, because of pressure from the Secretary of the Yangzhou Municipal Party Committee at that time, Wu Donghua, Secretary of the city's Political and Judiciary Committee, Ji Rengui, and the Yangzhou Intermediate Court Director, Shuai Xiaofang. To this day Tai Zhan has never been punished and the Hong Kong businessman has not gotten his assets back.

According to insiders, for more than ten years, Tai Zhan has been utilizing his connections as Jiang Zemin's nephew to trade real estate and stock, and invest in the entertainment business on a large scale. He has taken positions as the General Manager of the Yangzhou Tower, as the director of Tianzhan Entertainment City and as a trustee of many joint-venture companies. Jiang's nephew borrowed 16 million Yuan from the military-backed North Industry Group and used the money for trading stocks.

Another Nephew Becomes a Member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee of Liaoning Province and the Mayor of Dalian

Starting from January 2003, another nephew of Jiang, Xia Deren, took the positions of member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee of Liaoning Province, of Assistant Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of Dalian, and of Mayor of Dalian.

Who else in Jiang's family has benefited? Is there nobody to point out the crimes he has committed and what he has done to the common citizens of China? The time when these answers will be completely revealed is coming soon!

June 2, 2003