(Clearwisdom.net) June 8th report: Chongqing University is a prestigious school with a 74-year-old history since its founding in 1929. However, during the Chinese dictator's brutal persecution against Falun Dafa, students and faculty at Chongqing University who practice Falun Gong have suffered severe persecution.

Prior to July 20, 1999, many professors, faculty members and students, including Ph.D candidates, were practicing Falun Dafa. Several practice sites were located inside the school, and the practitioners benefited physically and mentally through cultivation. The students performed extraordinarily, both academically and morally, and the faculty practitioners did their work diligently.

After 1999, pressured by the "610 Office,"* the officials from Chongqing University held brainwashing classes and forced those practitioners who persisted in Dafa practice and who had gone to Beijing to appeal to attend these classes. They illegally detained the practitioners, tried to force them to write guarantee statements, to view propaganda materials and videotapes that attack and slander Dafa. Some brainwashing classes were secretly held at the Gele Mountain. During the class, the thugs threatened the parents of the student practitioners that they would be expelled . The parents who endured numerous hardships to send their children to college were worried their children's academic career would be cut short, so they exerted pressure on the practitioners, which created tremendous psychological burdens for the students. For graduating practitioners, the school threatened them with suspending their diplomas. Under threats, intimidation, and deception, some practitioners wrote guarantee statements to give up Falun Gong against their will. Some practitioners were expelled, forced to withdraw and sent back to their hometown; others were illegally detained and sent to forced labor camps because they persisted in Dafa practice. Below are a few examples:

Mr. Yang Chengbao, class of 1998; College of Business Administration in District A; hometown: Shandong Province. He was twice held at the Baiheling Detention Center. Later, school officials expelled him and sent him back to his hometown. Because of the threats made by the local police, the villagers didn't allow him to enter, fearing implication. He was forced to leave his hometown and go from place to place to avoid the persecution.

Mr. Lu Zhen, class of 1997; College of Business Administration in District A; hometown: Shandong Province. He was twice held at the Baiheling Detention Center and later expelled from school. He was arrested when posting Dafa truth-clarification materials and sent to forced labor camp.

Mr. Wang Zangkun, District A; hometown: Neijiang, Sichuan Province. He was held at the Baiheling Detention Center because he went to Beijing to appeal and was expelled from school.

Ms. Wang Lei, graduate student from the College of Architecture and Urban Planning, District B; hometown: Chongqing City. She was forcibly sent to a brainwashing class because she went to Beijing to appeal. Following her graduation, she was deprived of her opportunity to teach at the school.

Ms. Wu Jie, class of 1996, from the College of Architecture and Urban Planning in District B; hometown: Hainan Province. She was held at the Baiheling Detention Center and sent to brainwashing classes frequently because she persisted in Dafa practice and went to Beijing to appeal. Her scholarship was cancelled. She was forced to withdraw from school in 2000. She applied for re-admission, but the school officials ordered her to write an application statement "according to their requirements", then they would only issue her a certificate of incompletion. Wu Jie refused the unreasonable demand to write things against her conscience, so her academic career has come to a halt.

Ms. Mi Xiaozheng, class of 1996, from the College of Architecture and Urban Planning in District B; hometown: Hebei Province. She was an outstanding student after she practiced Dafa and earned top grades in her class. She was forcibly sent to a brainwashing class because she went to Beijing to appeal and persisted in Dafa practice. Her scholarship was withdrawn. She was suspended from school in 2000. At that time the school authorities ordered her not to tell anyone about her persecution. Even now, these school officials claim "no reform, no school." Mi Xiaozheng's schoolwork has been delayed for nearly three years.

Both Wu Jie and Mixiaozheng have already completed four years of college work, and they only need one more year to graduate.

Mr. Mei Guinan, class of 1997, from the College of Architectural Engineering in District B; hometown: Jiangxi Province. He was twice sent to a brainwashing class because he persisted in Dafa practice and went to Beijing to appeal. His scholarship was cancelled. When he awaited a job after graduation, the school transferred him and his residence registration to his hometown, so the school would not be affected by Jiang's implication policy. School security division chief Zhou told the local police that Mei couldn't find a job after graduation and so was sent to his hometown for a work assignment. Before Mei Guinan left school, Li, party secretary of the College of Architectural Engineering said to him happily, "From now on, you don't have anything to do with the school. I can eat and sleep well now."

Mr. Zhang Zhihu, class of 1997, from the College of Architectural Engineering in District B; hometown: Xinjiang Province. He was arrested and held at the Baiheling Detention Center, and was sent to brainwashing classes frequently because he went to Beijing to appeal. Later, he was sent to the Xishanping Labor Camp in Chongqing City. It was learned that he suffered a nervous breakdown after being subjected to inhuman torture and was "reformed." The school claims that Zhang was permitted to return to school and they are providing him medical treatment, but in reality the school has placed him under surveillance around the clock.

Professors and teachers who persisted in Dafa practice at Chongqing University were demoted and stripped of their Party membership. Some were even sent to labor camps. Teachers who were illegally sent to forced labor include Mr. Zhang Yougao, Mr. Gu Jiushou, Ms. Gao Zhongying.

Professor Zhang Yougao, 64, was a senior engineer and optical electronics scientist. He was a group leader for a scientific project for the Three Gorges Dam. He was given the "outstanding worker" award several times. He was sent to the Baiheping Detention Center and brutally tortured for several months because he went to Beijing to appeal. He was subsequently abducted and sent to the Xishanping Labor Camp, where he was tortured for one year. His story was reported on Clearwisdom.net. After his term had expired, the labor camp authorities illegally extended it by six months. After he was released, the school officials sent him to a brainwashing class held by the local government under instructions from the "610 Office." Police then abducted him again. His home was ransacked, and he was detained at the Chongqing University Police Station.

Mr. Gu Jiushou, 64, is an engineer at Chongqing University. He was illegally detained and sent to forced labor because he went to Beijing to appeal. At the labor camp he was brutally tortured. On around May 9, 2003, police broke into Gu Jiushou's home, and abducted Gu and his wife Lei Xiaorong. They also ransacked the couple's home.

The above are only a few of the examples of the persecution.

Related phone numbers: (add 86-23 before all the following phone numbers when you make a call)

Shapingba District "610 Office": 63755224

Political Commissar from Shapingba District "610 Office": Yu Bin, male, is a cruel person. He used to be a military police officer. After his military service he lived in the Daping Criminal Police Compound in Chongqing City. He conducted arrests of Dafa practitioners in the Southwest University of Politics and Law, and Chongqing University in Chongqing City in April and May 2003.

Team Leader for Shapingba District "610 Office:" Liu Wei, 63755335 (home)

Member of Shapingba District "610 Office:" Ou Lichang, 86-13002315580 (cell)

Office of Chongqing Party Committee: 63852702

Office of Chongqing City Government: 63854491

City mayor's public phone: 63854444

Office of Chongqing City Police Department: 63701664

Relevant office phone numbers for Chongqing University

Office of the University Party Committee: 65102314

Security Division: 65102654

Political Security Office: 65120102

Organization department: 65102395

Propaganda department: 65102397

Discipline office: 65102317

School office: 65102347

Human resources: 65102382

Scientific research division: 65102303

Graduate Institute: 65102372

Continuing Education Institute: 65102581

Office of Foreign Affairs: 65102391

Continuing Education Institute Party Branch: 65102582

Education Division: 65105595

United Front Division: 65102319

Property management division: 65103195

Capital construction division: 65102681

Service Management Division: 65106846

Service Group: 65102714

Service Management Party Committee: 65106116

Retirement management division: 65102395

Retirement Party committee: 65103576

Industry office: 65106470

Industry Party committee: 65106820

Planning and Finance Division: 65102662

Office Party Committee: 65102323

Audit Division: 65102322

Workers' Union: 65102802

Youth Party Committee: 65102805

Archives: 65123789

Library: 65102805

Library party branch: 65106124

Publishing company: 65102375

Publishing company party branch: 65102375

Science and Technology corporation: 65103515

Network Center: 65102623

School hospital: 65102775


College of Trade and Law: 65102591

College of Bioengineering: 65102507

College of Business Management: 65106381

College of Resources and Environmental Science: 65102421

College of Construction Management and Real Estate: 65120840

College of Physical Education and Sports: 65102594

College of Foreign Languages: 65102552

College of Polytechnic: 65102584

College of Humanities and Arts: 65106165

College of Automation: 65102481

College of Film Academy: 65105670

College of Computer Science &Technology: 65102502

College of Science: 65105910

College of Architecture & Urban Planning: 65120700, 65121486

College of Mechanical Engineering: 65102401

College of Civil Engineering: 65120720

College of Optical Electronics: 65102512

College of Urban Construction and Environmental Engineering: 65120750

College of Material Science & Engineering: 65102451

College of Environment, Chemistry & Chemical Engineering: 65102531

College of Power Engineering: 65102471

College of Communication, Tracking, Telemetry & Command: 65103544

Electrical Engineering Institute: 65102434

*The 610 Office is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political or judicial systems.