After Falun Dafa practitioner Wang Bin died of torture on September 24, 2000 (please refer to http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2000/11/16/6164.html for a previous report on his death), the Daqing City Forced Labor Camp resorted to more moderate measures in persecuting Falun Gong. Since May of 2002 however, it has again resumed using the most vicious means. Assistant Director Wang Yongxiang convinces prison inmates to persecute Dafa practitioners using brutal tactics, which are explained below: tying them up into painful positions with ropes, depriving them of sleep, forcing them to stand for long periods of time, denying them food, making them take cold showers for long periods of time, force-feeding them human excrement, cursing them, beating them, forcing them to sit on metal torture chairs, and hanging them up. The following article illustrates some of the vile means by which Dafa practitioners were persecuted.

  1. Rope-tying: as practitioners exposed the regime's lies and clarified the facts when they were forced to watch videos defaming Dafa, prison guards Zhang Bo, Zhang Mingzhu, and others beat, cursed, and tied up practitioners, and on three occasions afterwards force-fed salted water to Dafa practitioners Zhang Tiejie and Zuo Guoqing. Practitioner Zhang Shenhui's arms lost all feeling because he was tied up on six occasions.
  2. Forced standing and sleep deprivation: inmates Jiang Yunxi and Li Qingwei forced practitioner Cui Ruhui to stand for seven days and seven nights without sleeping. Other practitioners were also frequently forced to stand for long periods of time.
  3. Force-feeding of human excrement -- inmates Xing Shuguo, Huo Zuan, and others force-fed practitioner Guo Fadong with human excrement, and afterwards tried to force him to sign the "five documents" to renounce Dafa.
  4. Cold showers: On November 28th, 2002, twelve Dafa practitioners who had written solemn declarations, including Feng Jinming, Ma Yuliang, and Fu Gongji, were forced to take cold showers for three hours. Perpetrators included Wang Qinglin, Li Qingwei, Zhao Lizhi, Zhao Yanjun, and Ji Dongxing. Practitioner Ma Yuliang was forced by inmate Wang Qinglin to drink urine. In the frigid winter, the police opened the windows and turned on electric fans, causing practitioners to lose feeling all over their bodies. Unable to move, the practitioners had to be lifted into their beds.
  5. Forced sitting: Policemen Zhang Bo and Zhang Mingzhu tied practitioner Tie Zhijie into a chair for seven days and seven nights. This type of torture is frequently used. As soon as practitioners try to clarify the facts or expose the lies, they are subject to such torment.
  6. Hanging by a rope: Because Dafa practitioner Du Yin refused to sign the "release documents" when his term was over, Management Director Han Jinshan and others took Du Yin to a confinement cell and hung him up for 24 hours. Afterwards Du Yin still did not give in to their demands, and they had no choice but to release him.
  7. Lessen the sentence of inmates who torture Dafa practitioners: When practitioners were taken to the labor camp, inmates were assigned to coerce practitioners into signing the "five documents" using various brutal techniques. Those who succeeded were released twenty days prior to the term of their sentence.

The above account is only a small glimpse of the atrocities being committed during the persecution.