In the past, I had been quite sick, and had suffered from considerable pain for many years. Fortunately, I found Dafa in 1996 and the illnesses I had for so long just disappeared.

In July 1999, Jiang's regime publicly violated China's Constitution and persecuted Dafa practitioners. I appealed for Falun Gong in Beijing. In February 2000, I went to Beijing again to appeal for Falun Gong. When I returned, I was illegally detained for two months. In February 2001, I tried to clarify the truth of the persecution to the Director of the Resident's Committee, but I was reported and illegally detained for another two months. Because I refused to be "reformed," I was illegally sentenced to one year of re-education through labor, and sent to Panjin City Forced Labor Camp. In the forced labor camp, I did not cooperate with the guards. As a result, on the night of April 19, 2001, the guards pulled off my winter coat, and hung me up by my handcuffed hands on a steel gate outside the building. I was exposed to the wind, my whole body felt frozen, and my four limbs became numb. I was not taken down until halfway through the night. On the next day, I was cuffed to the window. Still, I did not compromise, so I was forced to squat on the ground every day until May 20. I squatted until the middle of the night every time. I continuously squatted and was deprived of sleep for two days and nights. By the 25th, I could not squat any more, so they forced me to bend my knees from 5áa.m. to 5 p.m., and squat with my legs apart and both hands on my head after 5 p.m.

One week's torture still could not weaken my righteous faith in Dafa. At 7 p.m. on the 25th, under the instruction of Zhang Shoujiang, the Vice Manager of the forced labor camp, guard Qi Xia took me to a small dark room where guards Liu Jing and Cai Li were waiting.

The three of them assaulted and slandered Dafa. I told them: "It is a sin to make a false charge against Dafa." Then they started to slap my face. When one person became tired, another one took over, until each of them had red and swollen hands. Then they lashed me with barbed sticks until they all became tired. By that time, I had scrapes everywhere-from my back to my buttocks. My left shoulder was injured, my right hand had no feeling, and my chest was extremely painful. I sweated a lot, and when the sweat dripped into the wounds, the pain was like drilling into my heart. Through all this, the guards still made me continuously squat down with my legs apart. Around 11 p.m. that night, I was again taken to the small dark room by guard Qi Xia. Team leader Yi Xiuyan, guards Huang Liang, Cai Li, Zhao Hongyan, Liu Jing, and others were there. Yi Xiuyan screamed: "This time you must 'reform'!" I realized a bigger test was coming. They rushed at me, when one person became tired of beating me, he was replaced by another person. When they were all tired, they beat me with the barbed sticks. To them, I was nothing more than a sandbag; they attacked with all their strength around-the-clock.

I remembered what Teacher had said in Coercion Cannot Change People's Hearts:

"The steadfast, righteous thoughts of a cultivator transcend all human understandings, transcend all human thinking, and can never be understood by everyday people. At the same time, they cannot be changed by everyday people, because humans are not able to change Enlightened Beings.

Unable to make me compromise, they stripped off my clothes, then tore at and pinched my whole body. My already seriously injured skin was shredded and really hurt after their ripping and pinching. They concentrated on pinching the torn areas of skin. I endured the pain that an ordinary person could not endure, and I did not make a sound. While they tortured me, they also laughed incongruously.

Leader Yi Xiuyan saw I did not have an uninjured place on my whole body, and then said: "That's enough." Guard Liu Jing laughed and said: "I have not pinched her enough." Six guards did not stop torturing me until they were all exhausted. Then they took me to another room where six guards interrogated me in turn. I was nearly unconscious, but they would not allow me to close my eyes.

After a night of brutal torture, my internal organs were seriously injured. On the next morning, I spit up mouthfuls of blood. On the third day, I had blood in my urine. When the inmates saw how much blood I had lost, they reported my condition to the guards, but the officers were not concerned about me. I continued to urinate blood for three days and nights. The amount of blood I spat up finally started to dwindle after eleven days. I clearly understood that I would have been tortured to death without the protection of Teacher.

Guards Liu Min and Zhao Hongyan noticed that I was starting to heal, so at 12 p.m. on June 29, 2001, they cuffed one of my hands to the window, and the other hand to the hot-water pipe on the ground. This kind of slanting way to cuff my hands made it impossible for me to stand straight or to squat down. Because my internal and external injuries were still serious, I started to sweat within a minute of being cuffed. At 2 a.m., I had trouble breathing. The guards feared taking responsibility for what might happen to me, and only then uncuffed me. I fell to the ground and could not breathe for a long time. I was unable to stand up, but the guards unexpectedly asked me to crawl to the cell! After I returned to the cell, I had only rested for two hours when they started to torment me again. They forced me to walk around the room in circles with my hands holding my head.

In Panjin Forced Labor Camp, they use more than 20 brutal punishment methods to torture firm Dafa practitioners.

They used all their methods on a weak lady like me, but they still could not "reform" me. I started to publicly practice exercises in Panjin Forced Labor Camp on February 1, 2002. Guards Yi Xiuyan and Liu Jing brutally tortured me when they found out, and forced me to squat down with my legs apart. They also threatened to extend my term in the camp. On February 2, while I was practicing the exercises, guard Huang Liang cuffed one of my hands to the heating pipe. I continued to sit with both legs crossed until dawn after she left. After that, I was continuously cuffed all day and all night.

Because of long-term brutal torture, losing a lot of blood, and injuries to my internal organs, I became emaciated. The only signs of life were my weak breathing and heart palpitations. When the forced labor camp discovered my condition was not good, they did not want to have the responsibility of "torturing me to death", and forcibly sent me to Panjin City No.1 Hospital. The doctor told them after examination: "She needs immediate hospital treatment, but her life is still in danger." I refused to be hospitalized.

The guards at the forced labor camp asked my relatives to talk me into accepting hospitalization. My daughter cried loudly when she saw how much I had suffered. I saw through their attempts and quietly told my daughter, "Don't cry." I was unconditionally released. Only three days after being released, I was miraculously restored to glowing health. The guards witnessed the supernaturalness of Dafa. I left the Panjin Forced Labor Camp in an open and dignified manner.