(Clearwisdom.net June 12, 2003) The three most important things that Dafa practitioners are currently doing are: Study the Fa well, clarify the truth and send forth righteous thoughts. Young practitioners from Taipei Minghui School also sincerely bear in mind Master's words and try their best to do these three things well.

On June 8, 2003, at Taipei Minghui School, classes included studying Falun Dafa, learning to sing songs composed by Dafa disciples and sharing cultivation stories. In addition, this time a special activity of making phone calls to clarify the facts was arranged for the young practitioners.

After studying the Fa, an assistant wrote on the blackboard a brief script for the phone calls. The assistant first dialed the phone to Mainland and said, "A little friend from Taiwan would like to say a few words from the bottom of his heart to you." Then she handed the phone to a young practitioner, who then explained the facts in accordance with the brief script to the precious Chinese people. Children enthusiastically waited in a queue without a bit of so-called attachment of fears. One young boy had called the Mainland once before. He had been scared by the other side's curses and cried. But this time, he showed no fear or nervousness. He made the first call to lead the way for the others, encouraging them all to make phone calls to explain the facts.

After calling Mainland, children got together to share Xinzhu's cultivation story (a child practitioner in Mainland). Young practitioners, their parents and assistants listened to the story. All were deeply moved by little Xinzhu's persistence in studying the Fa and practicing the exercises, always being strict with herself to handle things according to Dafa, and her active participation in clarifying the truth under the severe circumstances in Mainland China. (See report from Clearwisdom.net on June 10, 2003: http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2003/6/10/36762.html)

The story told, "When little Xinzhu learned that there are Minghui Schools in Taiwan and other areas where children are able to openly practice Falun Gong and study the Fa, she was pleasantly surprised. She asked other practitioners when they would have their own Minghui School? A practitioner told her, I think that day will come soon!" Little Xinzhu asked other fellow practitioners to "make sure to say hello to all practitioners, especially young practitioners throughout the world, and tell those young practitioners in other countries who are able to publicly study the Fa and practice the exercises to cherish the precious time and god-given cultivation environment." We all understood that little Xinzhu wishes to have her own Minghui School. A young practitioner said, "Bring her here!"

After listening to little Xinzhu's cultivation story, we all had a deeper understanding about the preciousness to have a free and open cultivation environment. No matter where we are, we should all "Follow Teacher closely, steadfastly cultivating Dafa." (Essentials for Further Advancement II-- "The Knowing Heart")