I had been paralyzed and had lain in bed for more than three years. From April of 1995 to August of 1998, I suffered from bone spurs and a herniated disc, as well as many other diseases. I sought good doctors everywhere but my situation didn't improve. I started practicing Falun Gong in August of 1998. After practicing for five months, my condition profoundly improved; I no longer became dizzy or lost my balance.

In December of 2000, I went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. After being arrested, I saw many local practitioners. On January 1, 2001, I was transferred to the Liaison Office of the local government in Beijing, then to Qianmen Police Station, and finally they put us in jail. The next day, the local government sent people to take us home. Upon my arrival, seven or eight police officers were ready to beat me. They beat me with clubs for about one hour. My nose was injured and my face was swollen; my entire body was covered with bruises. I was sent to a detention room in the Leather Shoes Factory of the District. Everyone was restrained in a circle with a diameter of two feet and not allowed to get out of it. We were forced to run for two to three hours once every morning and afternoon. This continued for more than ten days. The guards' tricks to persecute us came one after another. I told other practitioners that we should not fall because of their tricks. All I wanted to do was validate the Fa, and I would not waver even if they beat me to death.

One day in the end of January, the guards asked us to watch a videotape of the so-called Tiananmen "Self-Immolation," which was followed by questions. I said that I would practice Falun Gong firmly and believe in Falun Dafa without any hesitation. Three days later, I was illegally sent to a detention center for a 15-day term and then back to our district to do road construction for more than 20 days in total. At noon everyday, they instigated people who didn't know the truth to curse us and call us "counterrevolutionaries," "crazy people" and other derogatory terms. This lasted for more than ten days.

Later, I clarified the truth to the Party Secretary to expose the evil and told him to treat people well. I told him the benevolence of Dafa and the improvement of my health. Once having been in bed for more than three years, I have now become a very healthy person who is able to do farm work. This is a fact, and every farmer in the commune has seen it in person. I also talked to him about what I saw and heard when I went to Beijing. Finally, I told him that my attitude to Dafa cultivation is rock-solid, and I will practice until the last minute of my life. After listening to me, the Party Secretary was shocked. Two days later, they informed me that I could go home, without taking even a single penny from me.

After getting home, I clarified to every family in my area the truth about the persecution of Dafa. Several days later, the administration office of the district again sent persons to watch me and illegally searched my home four times within the period from transplanting rice shoots through the first day of winter in the lunar calendar. Then I did farming work in the daytime and at night I posted flyers, hung banners and showed people truth-clarifying videos, spreading the truth to more people.