Guo Wei, 28, was sentenced to five years in jail at the end of 2000 for making Falun Gong truth-clarification materials. He is now detained in the Chadian Prison of Tianjin.

Zhou Jing, Guo Wei's wife, also 28, was illegally sent to a forced labor camp for a one-year term beginning on August 15, 2002. She is now being detained in the Beijing Women's Forced Labor Camp. Before that, Ms. Zhou was placed in detention centers four times for validating Dafa on Tiananmen Square and handing out truth-clarification materials. In November 2001, Zhou Jing went on hunger strike to protest the persecution and was then sent to the basement of the Beijing City Police Hospital, where she was tortured. The police used high-voltage electric batons to torture her, but she did not yield and continued her hunger strike. One month later she was released.

Guo Wei and Zhou Jing got married on April 11, 2000 and lived in the lodging quarters of the Workers' Daily in Liupukang of Dongcheng District, Beijing. Their child Jingjing is just 2 years old and has never seen his father, because his father was arrested before his birth. His mother has also been arrested, and he has not seen her for a year. Isn't this a great tragedy that has been caused by the Jiang regime's senseless persecution?

We are friends and fellow practitioners of Guo Wei and Zhou Jing. We want to help free them from Jiang's persecution, and also help all of the practitioners in China. We want to be a part of the lawsuit against Jiang in the United States, so that he may be brought to justice and held accountable for his crimes.