Xinzhu is a nine-year old practitioner; she is very innocent and lovely. She is very bright and does well in school. She also studies the Fa diligently. Her parents are both practitioners. At the age of three, she could read three thousand words, and when, at the age of five she obtained Dafa, she read the Zhuan Falun on her own five times through. She practiced the exercises and studied the Fa every day with her parents. Since she first obtained the Fa in 1997, she has been studying and practicing constantly. She always sat in meditation for more than one hour. She participated in group exercises and group study every Sunday no matter whether it was very cold or very hot outside.

Whenever little Xinzhu encountered conflicts with her friends, she always looked within and lived up to the standard of the Fa. She not only read and memorized the book herself, she also encouraged her parents to study. She saves the money she might spend on new clothes or toys and spends it on Dafa work instead.

Xinzhu and her parents went to Beijing to appeal on July 20, 1999. When they returned home, her parents were imprisoned in the local detention center. Because of this, Xinzhu has to live with her grandmother in a different town. Xinzhu's mother insisted on practicing Dafa while in detention; therefore in November 2000 she was sentenced to five years in prison. On May 14, 2002, Xinzhu's mother was tortured to death in Heizuizi prison, Jilin province. Xinzhu's father was sentenced to two years in a labor camp because he also persisted in practicing Dafa. Afterwards, he was able to walk out of the labor camp with fearlessness, dignity and strong righteous thoughts.

For several years Xinzhu has been exposing the lies and validating Dafa to all of her friends and classmates in all kinds of ways. Whenever anyone who knows the details of her tragic situation asks Xinzhu if she misses her mother, who died from persecution, or her father who was forced into homelessness because he refuses to give up Dafa, Xinzhu always replies firmly that her parents are practitioners, the best of people, and that what they did were the most righteous and sacred things.

Once, when an elderly female practitioner spoke to her about how wonderful it was that Dafa was being spread so widely in the world, and of the urgent need to make truth-clarifying materials, Xinzhu took out all of her savings from her little piggy bank, and said calmly and firmly, "This is my savings from my New Year's gifts, and the small amounts of money I have been saving through the years. Please use this money to make truth-clarifying materials to save more people."

All the practitioners who heard her say this were moved to tears by this little practitioner's pure heart.