Distributing Dafa Truth-clarification Materials Helps Cure Illness

The daughter of a family contracted a mysterious illness that left her unable to walk. No hospital was able to diagnose the cause of the disease. One day a Falun Dafa practitioner ran into the father and learned of his daughter's disease. While comforting the father, the practitioner also clarified the truth about Dafa to him. When they parted, the practitioner gave the father a bag of truth-clarification materials and said, "Pass out these materials when you go back. Perhaps your daughter's disease will be cured." Disbelieving, the father did not hand out the materials after he went back. Instead, he went everywhere to find a cure for his daughter, but to no avail. Then all of a sudden, the father recalled what the Dafa practitioner told him. So he went out and distributed the bag of materials. After he returned home, he found that his daughter's illness had gone away! He was very happy and later told the practitioner, "Your prescription was really effective!"

Protecting Dafa Books Saves A Non-Practitioner's Life

A non-practitioner construction worker in Shandong Province helped store Dafa books despite the danger of being implicated. One day in 2002, he was operating a crane to hoist a cement bottle up to the top of a tower, when the wire rope suddenly broke and the cement bottle descended rapidly towards his head. He felt an invisible force push him away and knock him on the ground. At the same time, the cement bottle smashed into the place where he had been just 20 cm away from his feet. All the people present were frightened. He felt very good about surviving the accident, truly believing that it was Gods who were protecting him. He talked about his experience to anyone he met. Later when he was chatting with his relatives who are Dafa practitioners, he realized that Teacher protected him because he protected Dafa books.