A Husband and a Taxi Driver Help Practitioners Escape Persecution

In my work unit, the persecutors were trying to force me and other practitioners to write a letter guaranteeing that we would give up practicing Falun Gong. Right at that moment, my husband came to visit me. He is a very tall person, and he was able to block five of them so the other practitioners and I could escape. I ran until I was out of breath. Just when I could run no farther, a taxi pulled up, but the persecutors were catching up to us. They shouted to the taxi diver," Do not take them, they are Falun Gong practitioners!" The taxi driver shook his fist and said to them, "So what if they practice Falun Gong. If you want to beat up a practitioner, why don't you come and try me first?" Later on the taxi driver told us his father-in-law is a practitioner.

In a Politics Class, a Student Questions the Teacher

At a university in Hebei province, a politics teacher slandered Falun Gong in class. One of the students raised his hand to say that Falun Gong teaches people to become truthful, compassionate and forbearing people, and asked what was wrong with this. The teacher did not know how to answer the question and walked out the classroom quietly, disgraced. Afterwards, all the students began to talk about the event.

We Are Not Against Falun Gong! We Are Against the Evil of Jiang's Regime!

During truth clarification, sometimes I will ask people, "What is your opinion of Falun Gong?" A lot of people reply saying things like, "We are not against Falun Gong! We are against the evil of Jiang's regime. Jiang's cohorts do not perform their work or their duty, but focus on arresting good people. It seems Jiang's whole regime is corrupt."