(Clearwisdom.net) This is a real story. A villager named Wang met a certain person in December. The stranger told Wang that his life was in danger and he would not live past December 30.

After finishing his business, Wang walked home and worried about his life. He saw Zou, a woman who made Tofu in the next village, crying by a pond. Zou told him that her husband was very sick and they didn't have money to pay the medical bills. Wang, a kind person, figuring that he wouldn't live very long anyway, gave his money, more than a thousand Yuan, to Zou to save her husband. Zou thanked him and took the money. Her husband was saved from death.

In the evening of December 30, Zou thought that her husband was cured and they would appreciate the help from Wang. They didn't have the money now to pay him back, but they could visit him and bring him an early New Year's greeting. The couple took some Tofu and came to Wang's house in the darkness. Wang had gone to bed already. He got up and opened the door for the couple. They only talked for a little while when they heard a big noise in the bedroom. The wall of the house collapsed onto Wang's bed. If it had not been for the Zou couple's visit, Wang would be dead. Wang understood immediately that the good deed he performed dissolved the misfortune and saved his own life.