(Clearwisdom.net) Since July 20, 1999, some guards and officials in Changle Forced Labor Camp in Weifang City, Shandong Province have been following the orders of the Jiang Regime and ferociously torturing Dafa practitioners. Since October 2000, these persecutors put over 150 male practitioners into two squadrons under the No. 2 Brigade and have systematically tortured them both mentally and physically. The persecution can be divided into two stages.

Stage One: Physically Torture Practitioners with Violent, Brutal Methods

Stage one was roughly between October 2000 and February 2001. During this period, the labor camp selected around a dozen criminal inmates and used these hoodlums as the attackers. The labor camp officials made their "rules" clear to the inmates: those who were ferocious in torturing practitioners get special benefits, rewards, and reduced terms. Those who do not put much effort in the torture get cursed, threats of extended terms, and transfer to a team where the work is tedious and tiring. The labor camp officials and guards combined threats with inducements in instigating the inmates to torture practitioners without fearing punishment. In order to make the practitioners "reform," the perpetrators force practitioners to read materials and watch video programs that slander Dafa. In this stage, the guards and inmates have used the following methods:

1. Force the practitioners to sit on the concrete floor, with their leg stretched forward and their hands on their feet. The persecutors then press the practitioners' backs down. Many practitioners' backs were severely injured, and they could not stand straight.

2. In the wintertime, they stripped all the clothes off the practitioners and carried them into the washroom. Four or five perpetrators held each practitioner on the floor and poured cold water on them. Sometimes they put practitioners into big basins filled with cold water and soaked them for a long time. After the "cold bath," the practitioners were then carried into a room with the windows and doors wide open. Sometimes the persecutors put the practitioners under an electric fan. As a result of the "freezing" torture, the practitioners' entire bodies became black and blue, and they shivered with their teeth chattering loudly.

3. The perpetrators would strip all the clothes off the practitioners and carry them into the washroom. Four or five perpetrators held each practitioner on the floor while another one used a hose to shoot cold water into his nose and mouth. Some practitioners nearly suffocated under this torture; a practitioner named Jiang Guobo (around 40 years old, a former official of Weifang City Political and Judiciary committee) lost consciousness.

4. The perpetrators would strip all the clothes off the practitioners and carry them into the washroom. Several ruffians would stand on tables and hold a practitioner by his feet. They then lowered the practitioner's head into a basin filled with water for a few minutes. After a short break, they lowered the practitioner's head into the water again, repeating the torture for a long time. Practitioner Yao Hexing (around 26, a worker in Anqiu City) was choked so badly that he lost consciousness for a long time.

5. The ruffians used their fists and palms to hit practitioners; they kicked the practitioners with their leather shoes and tortured practitioners with wooden batons. Sometimes the perpetrators stripped practitioners' pants off and used a triangular-shaped belt to whip them. As a result, the body of practitioner Wang Ping (in his 30s, from Gaomi City) was bruised, lacerated, and covered with blood. Practitioner Liu Shuchun (in his 40s, from Changyi City) was tortured to death in this way in October 2000. (This was also reported at http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2001/1/31/4917.html)

6. The persecutors used tape to bind practitioners' hands and feet, and tied them to desks or bed legs for a long time. They also tortured practitioners with the "tiger bench" [an instrument of torture in which one is forced to sit on a small iron bench with the knees tightly tied to the bench and hands tied behind the back. Usually some hard objects are inserted underneath the lower legs to make it even harder to bear the pain, see illustration on http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2001/11/24/16156.html].

7. The perpetrators forced practitioner Wu Dajun (in his 70s, a retired teacher from Changyi City) to take off his shoes and socks, bound his hands and feet with tape, and then used scissors to stab and scrape the soles of his feet.

8. The ruffians used their fingers to jab practitioner Yao Hexing's eyes and testicles; sometimes they shamelessly gouged and pinched his testicles.

9. The persecutors tortured practitioners with electric batons. One time, a group of hoodlums (including police guard Zhu Weile) shocked practitioner Hu Xinming (in his 40s, a farmer from Changyi City) so badly that Hu rolled back and forth on the floor in pain.

10. The perpetrators forcefully gave practitioner Jiang Guobo injections of drugs that damage one's central nervous system.

11. The persecutors prohibit or limit the practitioner's use of the restroom. This caused practitioner Yao Hexing to defecate in his pants many times.

12. In the summertime when it's very hot, the guards used "training" and "learning to do gymnastics" as excuses to take all Dafa practitioners detained to the drill ground, where they were exposed to the baking sun for long periods of time.

13. The practitioners were forced to do laborious work, sometimes for 15 hours a day.

14. For the practitioners who refused to be "reformed," the guards would not allow any relatives to visit them for a long time.

Stage Two: The Persecutors Use the Torture Method of Sleep Deprivation in Order to "Reform" the Practitioners

Based on their "experiences" in persecuting Dafa practitioners, Changle Forced Labor Camp changed its way of torturing the practitioners in February 2001 from the brutal physical tortures to mainly the mental torture of "no reform, no sleep." The persecutors use the collaborators [former Falun Dafa practitioners who have renounced their belief due to intense pressure, brainwashing and torture] from Wangcun Forced Labor Camp to brainwash the practitioners. These people were divided into several teams, and they would take turns surrounding a practitioner and talking to him continuously for a long time. Practitioner Zhang Xi (a farmer in his 60s from Anqiu City) was forced to stay awake and was mentally attacked in this way for 6 days and 6 nights. Practitioners being tortured this way are only allowed to sit on a small stool. When they are so sleepy they can barely open their eyes, the persecutors physically force them to walk, or force them to run in a room with a few stools on the floor. When the practitioners stumble and fall, the perpetrators force them to stand up and keep running. Sometimes the ruffians use towels to whip the practitioners' eyes, making their eyes bleed. When the practitioners' minds are not clear, the collaborators repeatedly brainwash and poison them with their distorted "principles." These sinister and cruel techniques have poisoned many Dafa practitioners. For those practitioners who compromised with them but later realized their mistake, the persecutors put them each in a separate room for over a month, during which the practitioners are not allowed to sleep or are only allowed to sleep for 2 hours a day.

Under the above tortures, practitioner Song Weixing (a worker in Kuiwen District, Weifang City in his 30s) suffered a mental collapse.

Changle Forced Labor Camp is also the "Brainwashing Center" of Weifang City. Since 2001, hundreds of Dafa practitioners in Weifang City have been abducted and forced to the labor camp for brainwashing sessions. While trying to force the practitioners to give up cultivation, the persecutors ruthlessly extort money from them: they force the practitioners to submit 100 Yuan [Chinese dollar. The average monthly salary of an urban worker in China is about 500 Yuan, but only 200 Yuan for a rural worker.] per day, as the "reforming fee." On top of that, the practitioners or their work units are extorted hundreds, and sometimes even thousands of Yuan.

Some guards in Changle Forced Labor Camp have committed tremendous crimes against Dafa and Dafa practitioners. We hope that these criminals can wake up to the truth, change their evil minds toward Dafa, and immediately stop their criminal deeds.

A list of criminals in Changle Forced Labor Camp:

Xu Lihua (Director) 86-536-6232011 (Office)
Zou Jintian (Assistant Director) Zou is the major criminal of the labor camp
Lu Yibo (Head of Management Section) 86-536-6221840 (Home)
Song Zhonghai (Vice Head of Management Section) 86-536-6231156 (Home)
Li Huajie (officer in Management Section, and former guard in No. 2 Group) 86-536-6232881 (Home)
Tang Jiangling (female, officer in Management Section)
Zhu Anle (officer) 86-536-6228347 (Home)
Ding Guihua (officer, directly in charge of practitioners' team) 86-536-6220059 (Home)
Zhu Weile (officer, directly in charge of practitioners' team) 86-536-6229105 (Home)
Liu Jianguang (officer, directly in charge of practitioners' team) 86-536-6225309 (Home)
Ye Tongmin (officer, directly in charge of practitioners' team)
Han Huiyue (officer, directly in charge of practitioners' team) 86-536-6234661 (Home)
Liu Anxing (officer, directly in charge of practitioners' team) 86-536-6231123