I have a son who supports Falun Dafa very much. He said to me, "Mom, I have been deluded so deeply by the maze that is our human world. However, even though I do not practice Dafa, I know Dafa is good and I support you." During the past four years of the persecution, both my husband and I have been arrested many times, yet my son never complained. He put all his effort into getting us out of jail; he even ended up having to pay the police's extortion fines with his own money (which he saved for his wedding). After we were released, he said, "Mom, I helped get you out because you are a Dafa practitioner and you need to save sentient beings. You should cultivate well and I support you on your path of cultivation."

The year before last when we needed to make some Dafa truth-clarification materials, my son gave us 500 Yuan without any hesitation. In the days that followed, provided financial support to homeless practitioners many times. He would give his fiancée's best clothes to Dafa practitioners, and he would also let practitioners live in his fiancée's house. Several times he went to the detention center to deliver Teacher's articles to practitioners. Whenever practitioners needed to use a car, he would tell them to use his and he would walk to work instead. He said, "When do you want to hang Dafa banners? Count me in." When practitioners asked if he was scared, he smiled and said, "Other people do not even have the chance to do truth-clarification. Of course, I understand not everyone has the courage to do this."

He took out all his money saved for his wedding to help us make truth-clarification materials. When he saved some more money from his salary, he gave it to us again. He said, "It's not because you are my mom that I support you so much. Instead, it's because I know that Dafa is good and I support Dafa."