During the latter half of July 1999, I exercised my constitutional right to appeal in Beijing. By this time, the Beijing Appeals Office had already been turned into a police station. I was arrested, and they sent me to a big stadium to register my ID number, where the police beat many Falun Dafa practitioners. Later, local provincial police agents from their respective provinces took the practitioners back home.

I was taken back by Shenyang police agents, incarcerated in the Shenyang City Police Dispatch Station and later in the Shenyang City Detention Center for almost 10 days. Ever since, the director of the Street Residence Committee and his staff has frequently harassed my family and me.

In September of 1999, the Secretary and Section Chief of the District Office and some other agents came to my home to force me to write the "letter of guarantee (not to practice Falun Gong again)," which I refused. As a result they illegally arrested me once more and brought me to the Shenyang City Police Dispatch Station. Upon entering the lobby, a vile smell almost suffocated me. There, on the cement floor, lay a woman with mental problems, her lower body naked and her two legs bruised and oozing pus. She was suffering from an infectious skin disease, and was dirty beyond recognition. There was human waste all over the place. Another dozen mental patients were inside the room and it was frightening. Personal hygiene was nearly impossible, with only one restroom that had no door and a sink that reeked. In this room, there was only a wooden board on which to sleep and the window pane was broken. Two to three people would share one worn-out, filthy, foul-smelling blanket that was contaminated with urine and bloodstains. The weather was getting colder and colder. The windows were uncovered and the freezing winter winds whirled into the room. Everyone was shivering. The mental patients never slept, day or night. In the evenings, they would strip naked and start yelling and they would pour cold water into our room. Some of the mental patients would crawl under our quilt and defecate without control; they would just wipe it away with their hands, making a mess everywhere. Then the Falun Gong practitioners would clean them up, but the cleaning would never end. We were in extreme agony. There was no place to take a shower. We were just using a towel with cold water to wash our skin. We ate bad-smelling, marinated salty vegetables. Sometimes several people had to share one bun and soup with a few pieces of vegetables in it.

From September to October of 1999, during my stay in the Police Dispatch Station, there were a total of 48 female practitioners detained here. More than 20 of them were abused with electric batons, and slapped with handcuffs that deeply cut into the hands.

On October 14 of 1999, we started to go on hunger strikes to protest the torture and inhumane conditions. The authorities did not release us even after one month's strike. On the evening of October 15, they took me to the Shenyang City #5 Jail House's "610 Office" to be tortured in the brainwashing class. My family frequently requested that I be released. Without my knowledge, they forced my husband to write a letter of guarantee. I was not released until December. The authorities also extorted 1000 Yuan from my family.

In January of 2001, I went to visit one of my fellow practitioners in his 70s, who had helped me during our detention period. Just a little while after I entered his home, a few police agents broke in and arrested us. We had done nothing wrong but we were detained for 15 days.

Whenever a 'sensitive date' approaches, police come to harass us by loudly calling for us, knocking on our doors, monitoring our movements, etc. Even when I was visiting family members, I had to report my whereabouts to them. I lost all of my personal freedom.