(Clearwisdom.net April 25, 2003) Zhang from the 4th Division--a division of the Changchun City Heizuizi Women's Labor Camp responsible for propaganda and mind control of prisoners--wrote a book to defame Falun Gong. Then they forced Dafa practitioners to purchase the book.

In the 4th Division, a Dafa disciple was persecuted to the extent that her hands and feet were injured and she had to be supported with others' help. In other divisions, there were also similar situations. Once, at the entrance, I saw a Dafa disciple who fell down and appeared to be paralysed. She could not stand up, but was still being cursed at by a guard. I also saw a practitioner that was dying in a police car. Two policemen said that she could not be released without a definite diagnosis from the hospital.

From the window upstairs, I also saw a person in the yard with her head wrapped with something like a cloth bag, and with both of her hands bound behind her back. It looked like she was handcuffed or tied and two men were shoving her.

The police in the 4th Division often beat up practitioners. A Dafa disciple went on a hunger strike for a long time. Her body and face became extremely thin. Once, I saw her dressed neatly and knew she had just been cleaned up. But when I saw her face, I was frightened. Her face was swollen and disfigured. I knew that she had been beaten.

Zhang Shuhua often beat practitioners with electric batons, hoping to force them to betray their belief.

The police officers in the labor camp persecute, beat and curse Dafa disciples and snatch their property and money. The guards have a small store that is very expensive. Visiting relatives are forced to buy items from the store in order to see someone in the camp.

The production head of the 4th Division often violates the regulations of the labor camp and arbitrarily prolongs the practitioners' sentences.

Dafa disciples who were kidnapped and taken to the labor camp were first required to write the so-called "Disassociation Statement (promising to give up Falun Gong). " They would not be allowed to sleep if they did not write it. Sometimes, not sleeping over a long time caused the Dafa disciples to pass out. Oftentimes several people gang up on one Dafa disciple and take turns beating and verbally abusing her.