April 14, 2003

(Clearwisdom.net) Since Jiang's regime started its persecution of Falun Dafa, the Shibalihe Female Labor Camp in Henan Province has illegally detained and brutally tortured Dafa practitioners. Led by the heads of the labor camp, including Wu Hongru, Zhou Xiaohong and Gao Mingxu, and the division heads, including Jiang Yanling, Min Yumei and Ying Meiling, the unlawful personnel of the labor camp have cruelly tortured over 120 firm Dafa practitioners detained in the camp using a torture called "tying the rope,"* to force them to give up cultivating Dafa. (For a detailed description for this and other forms of torture used in forced labor camps,

see http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2001/11/24/16156.html)

The officials and their criminal conduct:

The head criminals:

Wu Hongru, male, the head of the labor camp

Zhou Xiaohong, female, the head of the camp in charge of persecuting Falun Gong,

Gao Mingxu, male, the head of the camp

Wang Yan, female, the head of the camp

Guo Hongyan, female, the head of the administration section

Chen Lanying, female, the head of the security equipment section

Criminal conduct:

At the end of 2001, they plotted an event to persecute all Dafa practitioners detained in the labor camp using the torture of "tying the rope." During the event, over 120 Dafa practitioners detained in the camp were tortured, resulting in wounds all over their bodies and extreme suffering.


Jiang Yanling, female, 2nd division head

Min Yumei, female, team head

Ying Meiling, female, team head

Chen Lanying, police

Zhang Nan, police

Criminal conduct:

They tortured five Dafa practitioners, including Yang Yongsheng, Wang Deping, Bai E, Fu Hongxia and Fan Jinping with the "tying the rope" torture.

In December 2002, the criminals found that Dafa practitioner Wang Deping had Master Li's articles, so Jiang Yanling instigated drug addicts to violently beat her, and then tortured her with "tying the rope." Wang Deping was hung upside-down with her arms and legs tied up, causing her to suffer extreme torment. Even now, her legs and back are numb and have no sensation.

At the end of 2002, Zhang Baoju was tortured with "tying the rope" because she wrote a letter to expose labor camp head Wu Hongru's criminal conduct.

In the beginning of March 2003, Dafa practitioner Zhao Xilian (Henan Province Agriculture University staff member) who had been tortured into tachycardia, kept throwing up and could not work. Three criminals, Jiang Yanling, Min Yumei and Ying Meiling, threatened her with the "tying the rope" torture to force her to work. To protest against the persecution, Zhao Xilian went on a hunger strike and refused to work. When she had been on the hunger strike for nearly one week, the three criminals instructed the security personnel to drag Zhao Xilian down the stairs. Zhao Xilian's head was injured in several places from the dragging and the wounds kept on bleeding. They then tied up Zhao Xilian's emaciated body, hung her up, spun her violently and beat her until she lost consciousness. Since Zhao Xilian came back from the torture, she has been dazed; she cannot straighten up her back when walking, and she has been very weak physically. These three criminals did not consider her health condition and continued to detain her illegally. They instigated some drug addicts to write a guarantee letter** in Zhao Xilian's name, and pulled her hand to forcibly obtain a fingerprint. The letter is now declared void.

Police Chen Lanying and Zhang Nan were personally involved in the beating and torture of Zhao Xilian.

Jiang Yanling dragged Wang Deping and then tortured her by "tying the rope," in an attempt to force her by means of brutal torture to give up her belief in Dafa.


Jia Meili, female, head of the 3rd division

Hu Zhaoxia, female, head of the 3rd division, the head criminal in charge of persecuting Dafa practitioners.

Criminal Conduct:

They were directly involved in torturing all firm Dafa practitioners in 3rd division using the "tying the rope" torture at the end of 2001. The Dafa practitioners suffered greatly and they couldn't walk after the torture; but they were still forced to do physical exercise, to attend military training and to do forced-labor. Practitioner Wang Guihua was tied up for four days and nights without sleep. Her legs were injured during the torture; she could not stand still and frequently fell after being tortured.

The two criminals, Jia Meili and Hu Zhaoxia, who were involved many times in brutally torturing Dafa practitioners, illegally extended the detention period of about 30 practitioners because they refused to take the "exam."

In March of 2003, Dafa practitioner Yan Aiying tore up her camp prisoner ID bed-card to protest against the persecution; she was tied up in a position called "roasting a whole sheep" style [practitioner's hands and feet are tied to a long pole or beam and hung parallel to the floor] and her arms and legs were seriously injured from the torture. She was forced to write a guarantee letter against her will. She now declares the letter is void. After the torture, she was still required to do forced-labor.

We appeal to the international community to pay attention to the persecution of Dafa practitioners by the lawless personnel in the Shibalihe Female Labor Camp, and to offer their help to punish the evil criminals.

* Tying the ropes: A cruel method used to torture Dafa practitioners. The police tie up the practitioner with a thin rope, circle the rope around her neck, and tie her hands behind her back. Then the police would use all the force they could muster to tighten the rope. The rope becomes tighter and tighter around the body of the practitioner, and makes it more and more difficult for her to breathe.

**Guarantee letter: Dafa practitioners are coerced under brainwashing and torture to write these as proof that they have given up their belief; created by the "610 Office."