April 5, 2003


Ms. Wang Hongxia: Her detention term was extended by half a year because she did not attend the so-called "political test" organized by the forced labor camp. She also refused to carry out any of the slave labor in the camp, to protest the illegal detention term extension. However, as a result, policemen deceived her into entering a secret room and tortured her with an excruciating method called "tying with rope," which is used to punish felons who are sentenced to death. (For a detailed description of this and other forms of torture used in forced labor camps, see http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2001/11/24/16156.html)

Ms. Liu Qingying: While being detained, she was often tortured by being tied up with rope. Her detention was illegally extended upon reaching the term limit.

Ms. Chang Xirong: Since October 2002, Ms. Chang Xirong was locked up in a solitary compartment because she refused to relinquish her belief in Falun Dafa. In addition, lawless officials of the forced labor camp sent her to Xinxiang City's Female Prison and Xuchang City's Male Forced Labor Camp for brainwashing. The guards directly persecuting her were Jia Meili and Hu Zhaoxia.

Ms. Yang Xiuhua, 63 years old: Around October 2001 she was tortured by being tied up with rope. Afterwards, she could not raise her arms. However, vicious policemen often abused and insulted her.

Ms. Han Shuangfen: Since she was tied up with rope, she has had difficulty raising her arms.

Ms. Hu Tieling: Vicious policewoman Hu Zhaoxia instigated drug addicts to beat her up for refusing when Hu Zhaoxia commanded her to sing.

Ms. Han Mei: She could not take care of herself after being tied with ropes. Because she can barely take care of her own daily living necessities she could not keep up with the pace of others. Vicious police often insulted and laughed at her.

Ms. Li Xiaojing, in her fifties, is currently being unlawfully detained.

Ms. Zheng Hongxia: When her forced labor term expired, before she got home, the person picking her up asked her, "Are you still practicing?" She said, "Yes. Falun Dafa is good." As a result she was sent back to the detention center again and sentenced to three more years of forced labor.

Ms. Zhao Xilian: She was tied with ropes many times, as she didn't cooperate with the vicious guards.

Ms. Wei Guirong from Zhengzhou City: On November 22, 2002, the vicious police extended her detention term by three months with the excuse of "not acknowledging the mistake." On February 22, 2003, her second term expired, but once again, without providing a valid reason, her detention term was extended by three months. She requested to see the person in charge of the prosecutor's office in the camp, or be allowed to directly go to the prosecutor to appeal. The lawless officials in the forced labor camp only made promises but did not take any real action. She didn't even have the right to call home.

Ms. Zhang Baoju from Luoyang City: Because she listed ten crimes committed by Jia Meili, chief of the No. 3 Division, she was transferred to the No. 2 Division for further torture.

From April to May 2002, four collaborators*, including Wang Jindong and Xue Hongjun, slandered Dafa in the forced labor camp. A Falun Gong practitioner stood up to stop them. Vicious police officer Zhou Xiaohong came at her, slapped her on the face and threatened her, "I will punish you in your cell." How the practitioner was tortured afterwards is unclear.

During each security screening, guards in the forced labor camp searched steadfast Dafa practitioners especially thoroughly. They confiscated Master's articles, made the practitioners work overtime, forced practitioners to work more difficult tasks and for longer hours and tried to prevent practitioners from sending forth righteous thoughts. When the guards searched for Master's articles they even tore apart practitioners' blankets.

List of vicious police officers: Director: Zhou Xiaohong, Wu Hongru; division chief: Jia Meili, Hu Zhaoxia; team leader Zheng (in charge of work details); security section chief Guo, Chen Lanying; policewomen: Wang Yulin, Cui Ying, team head: Wang Nan.

Because the persecution in the forced labor camp was very inhumane, Dafa practitioners had very little communication with each other. Generally speaking, even an investigator that came to the camp could not discover the real situation. The police were also very good at fabricating stories. They hid the work the practitioners had done and forced them to sit down and sing during the inspection period. It's very difficult for Dafa practitioners to have any opportunity to talk to others. During an inspection, vicious police transferred practitioners to other divisions, or hid practitioners in various places, like a lock-up cell in a residential area, or hurriedly packed practitioners from the forced labor camp into a room outside of the inspection area.

Persecution against families of practitioners who are being unlawfully detained:

Ms. Yang Shuxia from Zhengzhou City: During her illegal forced labor camp stay, her father could not endure the shock and suffered from a stroke. At present, he cannot take care of himself.

Ms. Yang Aiqin: Before being sentenced to forced labor, she was heavily fined many times. The amount was huge. She is now imprisoned in the No. 3 Division.

Ms. Wang Xiurong: A few months after she lost her husband, she was illegally put into a forced labor camp. She has a school-aged boy at home who lives with his sister. When the family met, both sister and brother were in tears.

Ms. Xiaocui: Currently she is detained in the No. 3 Division. She was illegally sentenced to forced labor because of practicing Falun Gong. Her husband had no way to reason for justice with the authorities and passed away, leaving their daughter at home without care. Xiaocui's detention term was also extended.

*Collaborators -- Former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture.