Running rampant in Mainland China, the SARS epidemic has also reached Hong Kong and many other overseas countries, resulting in huge loss of life and property. As we pause and reflect on this painful experience, have we asked ourselves: Where did this epidemic come from and where is it heading?

Since the first SARS case appeared in Guangdong Province last November, most people have come to realize the chilling fact that the Jiang regime in Mainland China was covering up the spread of this highly contagious disease in order to secure its struggle to hold onto political power. They issued secret orders to ban reporting on SARS, and spread lies to deny the existence of the disease. Their reckless actions allowed SARS to spread to other countries, harming many lives and seriously undermining the economic development in various areas, including China. It has also brought tremendous challenges to the current leaders in Mainland China.

It can be said that the Jiang regime's cover-up of the SARS epidemic amounts to depriving people of their fundamental right to live and carry out a normal life. Jiang, who was labeled a "human rights scoundrel" by Amnesty International, actually started his appalling human rights violations as early as 1999, when he initiated the campaign to persecute Falun Gong.

Jiang puts his personal will above the Constitution, and manipulated the entire state apparatus and resources to carry out a state terrorist campaign against the peaceful Falun Gong. Jiang has vowed to "ruin [Falun Gong practitioners'] reputations, cut them off financially, and destroy them physically." As a result, millions of Falun Gong practitioners have been illegally detained, sent to forced labor camps, sentenced to jail, and thrown into mental hospitals. Many were beaten severely, even to death. Countless families were broken, and people forced to become homeless. Relatives, friends, associates, and even employers of Falun Gong practitioners have been punished without justification. The Jiang regime has tried to deceive the entire Chinese nation by concocting lies and suppressing true information. This genocidal persecution has continued for almost four years.

From Hong Kong to Macau, and to other overseas regions, there is plenty of evidence that shows Jiang has extended his persecution overseas. To some extent, the hasty rollout of the blue bill of Article 23 resembles another epidemic, making it hard for people to breathe in the air of freedom.

In the four years of brutal persecution, Falun Gong practitioners' persistent, peaceful appeals and continuous efforts to clarify the facts have raised the awareness in people that Falun Gong's core belief of Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance indeed elevates people's moral standards. In addition, Falun Gong's powerful effect of improving health has been validated by many people's personal experience and scientific studies. More importantly, people have realized that persecuting Falun Gong amounts to suppressing the moral values and conscience that the human race survives on, and that persecuting Falun Gong is equal to depriving people of their basic right to pursue a healthy life.

In many legal systems there exists a very serious offence called "genocide." Genocide means acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group. The most well-known case of genocide is what Hitler did to the Jews during World War II. Today, the Jiang regime's senseless persecution of Falun Gong practitioners falls into the same category of genocide. What is more appalling is that this criminal regime is destroying human moral standards and conscience fundamentally. In that sense, it has in fact committed genocide against the entire human race.

We firmly believe that the day will come when people with a sense of justice around the world will put those who persecute humans' fundamental moral values and basic right to live on trial and bring them to justice.

Dear friends, we'd like to report to you that such a trial is underway. On October 22nd of last year--the first day of his trip to Chicago in the United States--Jiang was sued for genocide and crimes against humanity by victimized Falun Gong practitioners and their relatives. Similar lawsuits will be filed in Europe and other parts of the world. To an even greater extent, the trial of Jiang will be carried out comprehensively in people's hearts and the court of social justice. We firmly believe that the heavens will see to it that all kind-hearted people are protected, and that those persecutors and their accomplices will be held responsible for their evil deeds. All good people will benefit immensely from these trials around the globe.

We sincerely hope that you will support this international effort. Let's all work together and let our world be filled with sincerity, kindness, and justice.