April 26, 2003

(Clearwisdom.net) In the middle of March, 2003, a Falun Dafa practitioner was illegally arrested from his home in Jilin Province. He was sent to a forced labor camp, but oddly enough he was not admitted because his blood pressure was found to be dangerously high during his physical examination. Later on, using underhanded means, the police succeeded in sending him into the forced labor camp, where he has been illegally held ever since.

This practitioner's son is in his twenties, and he was expelled from a university because he clarified truth about Falun Gong to his classmates. After the father was illegally detained in the forced labor camp, his son realized that he should take the opportunity to clarify the truth to people and rescue his father, rather than enduring it passively. He began to clarify the truth to his neighbors, and then to villagers. He even started collecting signatures on a petition to rescue his father. Because his father is the local doctor and has good standing reputation, many people sympathized with the courageous young man and they bravely signed their names.

This piece of news was received ten days ago, and by then this practitioner had already visited more than 500 families and obtained more than 400 signatures. Although the remaining 100 or so didn't sign their names due to various concerns, they all expressed their great sympathy.