Recently, the evil people in some forced labor camps and brainwashing centers were apparently acting out of character, restraining themselves from engaging in the normal violence and savagery against Dafa practitioners. Whilst in society, those in some government departments who used to persecute Dafa practitioners have also shown their "concern" towards practitioners. The evil people used lies to show that they were "using reason to convince others." They falsely showed compassion that they were on "intimate terms" with, and, were "showing concern" towards Dafa practitioners, thus deceiving Dafa practitioners, so that they could achieve their aim of inducing Dafa practitioners to betray their belief.

These fake compassion maneuvers are self-destructive. They have deprived so many Dafa practitioners of their personal freedom, illegally kidnapping them to brainwashing centers, forced labor camps, detaining them behind layer after layer of steel gates, forcing them to work long hours of forced labor, not allowing them to see their families, compelling them to listen to more than ten hours broadcasts defaming Falun Gong, or watching videos containing fabricated lies and slander against Dafa. The practitioners were also subjected to all kinds of physical and mental tortures. Were any of those forced activities actually "using reason to convince people"?

The evil people have another more insidious aim. They pretend to be compassionate to deceive Dafa practitioners, and coerce Dafa practitioners into believing that they have never committed any violence against Dafa practitioners. But, from July 20, 1999, under Jiang's directive to "defame their reputation, cripple them economically, destroy them physically" and "kill them and attribute that as suicide", many Dafa practitioners have been seriously injured, disabled, and murdered. Can the evil perpetrators deny the mountains of evidence against them?

Therefore, what are their intentions now by pretending to be compassionate? I feel that if we look at this problem from our understanding of the Fa and the current status of the Fa-rectification process, the purpose becomes clear at a glance.

Practitioners have filed a lawsuit against the Jiang for his crimes of genocide and torture. At this crucial moment, the court is determining if the case will be brought to trial. If the case is heard in court, the outcome of the trial is self-evident. It would be a fatal blow against the evil and is a thorough denial of the old forces. This is too frightening to the evil people, and that is why they are putting up this facade of fake compassion to hoodwink the world, vainly attempting to cover up the heinous and monstrous crimes of genocide and torture.

We must all do well in our Fa-study, recognize the treacherous strategy of the evil, and expose this wicked conspiracy. We must make a concerted effort and be united in sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the interference of the evil, to ensure that Jiang will be justly forced to stand trial.