Policeman Chen Wenzhuan is the head of the Number One Division of the Changchun City Police Department. He was specially assigned to direct the Qingshan Brainwashing Center, which severely persecutes Falun Dafa practitioners. This man assumes the guise of a kind, caring person but is responsible for many unthinkable acts of torture against Dafa Practitioners, some which are very disgusting.

Chen Wenzhuan bears a bitter hatred for Falun Dafa and has sworn to eliminate Falun Dafa. Prior to March 2002, Chen took five Dafa practitioners who had been transferred from the Hongpo Road brainwashing center and did an experiment on them. The purpose of the experiment was to find which torture method was most painful. Based on the outcome, he intended to intensify the persecution of other Falun Dafa practitioners in the center. During the experiment Chen found that prying open the mouth and forcefully inserting a feeding tube down a practitioner's throat was the most painful form of torture.

During the experiments, among the five practitioners, three had their teeth broken and gums badly damaged due to the prying. A three centimeter diameter tube was forcibly inserted into the esophagus, then salt water and porridge was injected through the tube. After forced feeding Chen would put the practitioners on a straw mattress in a corridor for observation to find out which method of forced feeding would make the practitioners suffer most. The esophagi of all practitioners used in the experiment were damaged by the tube, and as a result the practitioners suffered infection and festering. Later, the brainwashing center force-fed practitioners when they refused food for even one day. The center is using this sadistic method, causing practitioners unbearable pain, to persecute them and force them to give up their cultivation.

Chen Wenzhuan claims he is a Buddhist, and often plays the part of a compassionate person, to peddle his distorted conception of Buddhism, which often misleads people. He has directed others to do all kinds evil deeds. The so-called "doctors" who did the force-feeding said they felt very nervous when Chen was around. They said, figuratively speaking, that whenever Chen coughed they would feel out of breath. Before every forced-feeding was actually carried out, Chen would first sign his approval. That is to say that no matter what would happen he would bear all the responsibility. He boasted wherever he went that he was not afraid if a Dafa practitioner died, nor was he concerned if his name appeared on the internet.

At the brainwashing center, Chen Wenzhuan and his men extorted 1,000 Yuan [Chinese currency, the monthly salary for an average Chinese urban worker is about 500 Yuan] from each practitioner and used violent means to force the Falun Dafa practitioners to write written statements renouncing Falun Gong. If the request was rejected then they forced the practitioner's family to write one instead. If the family also refused, then the Dafa practitioner would be sent to the forced labor camp.