According to what I saw with my third eye, actually the lust attachment is similar to those dirty animal-shaped rotten ghouls that were eliminated during sending forth righteous thoughts. Since sending righteous thoughts, a lot of rotten ghouls who constrained human beings and interfered with the Fa-rectification in the other dimensions have been eliminated. Therefore a lot of people have become clearer about what has happened regarding Falun Gong. Why are these kinds of rotten lust-ghouls still active within practitioners' bodies? Actually because practitioners did not recognize the fundamental characteristic of these rotten lust-ghouls, they were allowed to exist, and the practitioners were exploited by the old forces that control the rotten ghouls.

It is my understanding that if these rotten ghouls are not eliminated, the sentient beings inside practitioners' universes are interfered with by these rotten ghouls and become deviant, just like what happened to the human world. If practitioners cannot rectify themselves, then these deviated beings won't be able to change for the better, and by the time Fa-rectification arrives, all of these beings may be eliminated and the loss will be even greater. Teacher's comments in these areas are becoming very serious in His recent talks. In our cultivation process, if our main consciousness is not determined and alert, we may not have another opportunity. Actually, Teacher is not only very compassionate to us Dafa disciples, but also very kind to all sentient beings within our dimensions.

It is not allowed for lust to exist. We should deny them and therefore separate from them. As long as you want them, they can jump on you in a second. To eliminate the lust attachment, Fa study is essential. Only the Fa can eliminate all attachments. Teacher says, "To tell you the truth, the entire cultivation process for a practitioner is one of constantly giving up human attachments." (Zhuan Falun) In my opinion, every attachment that appears in this human world is a rotten ghoul in another dimension. If we eliminate the attachment, then these rotten ghouls will no longer exist in our body system. Not giving up these attachments is equivalent to allowing them to exist and agreeing to share oneself and one's body system with those rotten ghouls.

The above is my personal understanding. Please correct and/or share your understanding on this issue.