Mrs. Cai is an Australian Dafa practitioner. Her husband had built a factory in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province and they had business investment there for several years. The Dongguan Public Security Bureau had put Mrs. Cai under constant surveillance because she practiced Falun Gong. In October 2001, Mrs. Cai was illegally detained for 24 hours by the Luohu Customs officials in Shenzhen City because they found Dafa books with her. They tried to force her to give up her practice and sign her name on a "repentance paper." Only after her stern refusal and hunger strike was she finally released from police custody and returned to Hong Kong. Her Dafa books, however, were confiscated. During the following few months, both Shenzhen and Dongguan Custom's officials had called her husband and her numerous times trying to intimidate and harass them, threatening to put Mrs. Cai into a brainwashing class.

In the middle of April 2003, using the excuse of processing a temporary residential certificate and investigating a truck driver, a group of police headed by Huang Jingwei, head of public safety brigade in Qiaolong Village, Tangxia Town in Dongwan City, conducted numerous searches at Mr. Cai's company aimed to harass the Cai's. The police were also accompanied by Qiaolong Village party secretary Huang. Because the company's employees did not cooperate with the illegal searches by the police, they were all taken to Shigu Police Station with the help of another police group from the Tangxia Police Station. The police conducted body searches and interrogation for four hours, and detained two of the employees in a dirty detention cell for several hours. The illegal police activities caused significant harm to company employees' spirit and insulted their character and personal dignity. "We did not violate any laws or ordinances. It is totally unlawful for the police to detain us without any reasons or due legal process."

A few days later, another group of about ten deputies consisted of Dongguan Public Security Bureau personnel, Tangxia branch bureau officers, Shigu police station officer Luo Songwei (key planner and organizer) and Head of Qiaolong public safety brigade Huang, again illegally broke into Mrs. Cai's company and their temporary personal residence. The whole place, including all rooms, offices, desks, employee's dorm and warehouse were ransacked by the police. Their rude manners and curses, as well as brutal activities made people hard to believe they were public servants. The company could not conduct regular business in a normal fashion and their customers were scared to visit them.

The hideous acts by the police caused significant damage to the company's business reputation. Yet their illegal search did not yield anything they had in mind. Later, they deceived and coerced Mr. Cai hand over the keys to the company's delivery truck worth 100,000 Yuan and hijacked the truck away in broad daylight. They even issued a "Dongguan Public Security Bureau Confiscation Bill of Material." The deputies in charge were identified as Shigu police Luo Songwei, etc. Witness was identified as Liu Jingtang. They promised that the truck would be returned in 2-3 days. Yet it had been more than two weeks now and the truck still was not returned. After calling the police station many times, they all shrugged off saying the owner himself must go to the police station to claim the truck.

Mr. Cai asked the police why they ransacked his factory and seized the truck, since his company did not violate any law. Brigade leader Huang Jingwei replied, "This had nothing to do with you or your company. It is a political matter. You have to come here in person to claim your truck." Mr. and Mrs. Cai had always lived abroad and had never encountered such blatant law breaking activity by police. They thought it was like the recurrence of "the Great Cultural Revolution." They had no idea where to go from here.

The business owner himself is not a Falun Gong practitioner and did not violate any law. His wife regained her health after practicing Falun Gong and got rid of all her ailments and bad habits. Did they want her to revert back to her old condition before she began practicing? The Jiang's regime twists the facts and deceives people.

Telephone numbers of related criminals:

Dongguan Public Security police:

Luo Songwei, cell phone: 86-13902617313

Dongguan Public Security Tangxia branch head:

Zhang Zhigan, cell: 86-13809643808

Dongwan Public Security Bureau: 86-769-2222107