(Clearwisdom.net May 12)

Practitioner Zhang Huishuang, a 48 year-old woman from Benxi City, Liaoning Province, was persecuted in labor camps for over two years. After leaving Masanjia, the evil den, using her righteous thoughts, she again experienced persecution.

Zhang Huishuang was first arrested in October 1999, when she went to Beijing to appeal, and was sent to the Xiaoshi Detention Center in Benxi city. In the detention center, because she maintained her belief in "Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance" and kept practicing the Falun Gong exercises, a female guard in the detention center ripped off her pants and beat her buttocks with a leather belt until the skin was torn, the flesh gaped opened, and her entire buttocks became purple. The guard who instigated this persecution is named Liu, and is over 40 years old.

Several months later, Zhang Huishuang was sent to Weiningying Detention Center in Benxi City. For doing the exercises, she was dragged outside on an early winter morning for a couple of hours in the sub-zero degree temperature. The skin on her hands broke and festered from the freezing temperatures. The skin on the inner part of her hand fell off completely. A big bubble formed on her hands, discharged liquid, turned green, and they became numb. Zhang Huishuang continued to practice. The guard still applied cruel torture, forcing her to work during the day and dragging her out of bed consecutively for three nights. She was shivering and in a cold sweat all winter long.

The police sent her to Masanjia labor camp in February of 2001.

In Masanjia labor camp, she did not give up practicing. The guards instigated collaborators [former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture] to attack her together, attempted to brainwash her using force, and prevented her from sleeping for days. They shackled her to the heater, forced her to squat continuously for 5 days, and to stand facing the wall for days. They applied various kinds of physical and mental torture continuously. Two team leaders shocked her for over four days using two electric batons. She was then confined in a solitary compartment for a month. Being shocked by electric batons is the lightest penalty in Masanjia. A group leader named Zhang was involved in this. While in Masanjia, practitioners were often beaten and kicked in addition to having to do heavy labor with little sleep.

In October 2001, Zhang Huishuang began a hunger strike to resist the illegal persecution and requested to be released unconditionally. She was handcuffed and shackled, force fed, and forcibly infused with salt water twice a day. After a two year-long persecution and over 70 days on hunger strike, she left the labor camp using her righteous thoughts.

In the middle of September 2002, two policemen from Huolianzhai police station in Benxi city arrested Zhang Huishuang at her home, and took her to the police station. Policemen asked her about having fliers, about clarifying the truth, and about where she got Zhuan Falun. They forced her to sign statements promising to give up practicing Falun Gong after she refused to answer their questions. Five or six people from the police station went to search her house and even the head of the police station got involved. Policemen illegally sent Zhang Huishuang to the Caibei Detention Center in Benxi City. Before sending her off, the district policemen again threatened and intimidated her, asking her to tell them about other practitioners and the sources of the Dafa books and Dafa materials. Zhang Huishuang again refused to tell them.

After being sent to Caibei Detention Center, Zhang Huishuang again held a hunger strike, and was force-fed on the third day (the people involved in this were the jail doctor, a man with the last name Liu and the female group leader). They handcuffed and shackled her, then sent her to the No. 3 hospital for persecution. They pried out her teeth and cruelly force-fed her using a very thick tube. They fed her with so-called "milk powder" (made mostly of salt). Doctor Liu rotated the tube, making her suffer unnecessarily. However, she still did not cooperate with the evil. They force-fed her over and over again, even though she was vomiting continuously. This continued for four or five days. This cruel persecution made Zhang Huishuang extremely weak, until she could no longer walk. They also force-fed her in the cell. The police guards ordered seven or eight prisoners to bring an iron tool to pry open her mouth. Zhang Huishuang bit it and refused to be force-fed. She was not able to eat anything for over two months after coming back, and could not drink water, even with a straw. As a result of being force-fed this powder, and other unidentified things by the police guards, she suffered from an extremely high fever for over two months. She could not lie, sit, or sleep for half a month. She just kept coughing and at last spit out the things that looked like clogs of the powder.

The persecutors became afraid that their evil deeds would be exposed. In the Caibei Detention Center, they injected her spine with two syringes filled with an unknown drug which caused her to be unable to walk or speak. She became limp in her arms and legs, and incoherent. She lost consciousness for over ten days, and could not walk or talk for over two months. There are bruises all over her body, blisters all over her hands, and two bruises, still on her buttocks right now, which might have resulted from being trampled on.

For more than ten days in the detention center, Zhang Huishuang was persecuted to the point of becoming incoherent. After she got out, and after two months of being in a state of half-life, half-death, under our merciful Master's protection and under the tender care of fellow practitioners who sent forth the righteous thoughts together, Dafa's magic and miraculous effects caused Zhang Huishuang to finally awake and stand up again.

Due to the severe torture she endured, after half a year, she still cannot use her hands and legs easily, cannot grasp things with her hands or talk normally, and is partially disabled.