It was 1:00 am on November 7, 2002, when the Tangshan Police broke into Jiang Lanying's home and took her away by force. She was later transferred to the Donghu District Public Security Branch, where she was deprived of sleep for 48 hours. During her time there policeman Zhou Jianfeng viciously struck her hands with a metal rod, and a police instructor ordered someone to sit on a stool that was put on top of Jiang Lanying's legs.

Two days later, Jiang was transferred to the Shaziling Detention Center. Zhou Jianfeng went to Jiang's home and yelled dirty and threatening words to Jiang Lanying's mother, saying that if the family pays, Jiang could have a reduced sentence. Zhou did not get his way. When Jiang Lanying was sentenced to five years of forced labour, her family was not even notified.

In spite of the abuse and mistreatment by the police, Ms. Jiang did not give up her faith. She started a hunger strike three months ago in the labour camp, and is still carrying on with it in the Changzheng labour camp hospital. She is now extremely weak. With difficulty the family managed to find out about her situation and requested her release from the hospital. Their request was refused with the remark, "This person can still speak, so we're not releasing her."

It has already become an unwritten custom in Jiangxi Province's police system that until Dafa practitioners on hunger strike are only left with their last breath would the police start to worry about shouldering possible responsibilities and the practitioners would be allowed to be taken home.