(Clearwisdom.net) In June 2002, under the instigation of the division chief, guards Huang Dianling, Wang Quan, Dong Zhonghua, and Zhang Fangping in the 4th division of Fuyu Forced Labor Camp in Heilongjiang Province severely tortured Dafa disciples. They handcuffed Dafa disciples to the frame of bunk beds and heating radiators, and hung them up. Eleven Dafa disciples experienced such torture. Dafa disciple Zhou Shuyou was once hung up from 1:00 am to midnight. Under the torture of prison guards, Fu Zhiyu passed away on February 1 from a cerebral hemorrhage. Lu Yongjin and two other Dafa disciples were hung up non-stop for three months. Zhang Huabin and others were hung up there for over two months.

Under the direction and instigation of 4th division chief Han, prison guards trample Dafa disciples' human rights; torture and verbal abuse of Dafa disciples are commonplace.

On the morning of March 3, 2003, guard Dong Zhonghua was swearing at Dafa disciples, and they tried to stop him. Then guards Huang Dianling, Wang Quan, Dong Zhonghua, Yang Xuefeng and Lu Jinfeng and others dragged Dafa disciples Sha Zhaojing, Kong Xiangfeng, Liu Mingxuang, Fu Chuan and Cai Changjun, outside and tortured them. All of them were beaten to the ground. Their faces were covered with blood, and their bodies covered with bruises and wounds. Kong Xiangfeng's left eardrum was ruptured. Sha Zhaojing wasn't able to walk afterwards. He was carried into solitary confinement by criminal inmates.

In April 2003, prison guards sent six Dafa disciples to Harbin City Prison, and put 11 others into solitary confinement. While being monitored by criminal inmates, they were forced to stand in the cell until midnight and abused in other ways.