Five Falun Gong Practitioners Illegally Detained at Gongjiawan

Dong Guohong, female, 35 years old, was residing in Chengguan District of the city of Lanzhou. In early 2000, she was detained for fifteen days because she went to Beijing to appeal on behalf of Falun Dafa. In November of 2000, she was thrown into a forced labor camp for one year due to that same trip to Beijing. She was detained in the 3rd Sub-Division of the 7th Brigade of the Pingantai Forced Labor Camp, where she suffered tremendously. In December of 2001, she was released back home. However, on the evening of October 10, 2002, she was abducted again by police agents and was sent to the Gaolanshan Detention Center. Ms. Dong is currently detained at Gongjiawan.

Ma Yun, female, 57 years old, was living at Wudu Road. She was sentenced to a three-year prison term because of practicing Falun Gong exercises outside of her house on January 14 and 15, 2000, and she had also hung a banner reading "Falun Dafa". She was jailed in the Lanzhou City Jail for two years, and then imprisoned in the Gansu Women's Prison for more than one year. Ms. Ma was released on January 16, 2003, but was abducted again at the prison gate by agents from the City Public Security Bureau and was taken to the Gaolanshan Detention Center. There she was beaten seriously by prison guard Liu Jianping. Ms. Ma still has not fully recovered. Ms. Ma was recently transferred to Gongjiawan for further illegal detention.

Dong Xiulan, female, 58 years old, lives in the city of Lanzhou. On January 12, 2002 she was sent to the Gaolanshan Detention Center, and then to Gongjiawansville for detention simply because she hung up a banner reading "Falun Dafa is the Righteous Cosmic Law" in the Chinese Ethnic Institute.

Zhang Hua, female, 66 years old, lives in Chengguan District of the city of Lanzhou. She was arrested on February 9, 2002 by agents from the Qilihe Police Station. She was thrown into the Xiguoyuan Jail without any reason on February 10. In the same year on September 17, she was transferred to the Lanzhou No. 2 Jail, and on December 6, she was once again sent to the Gaolanshan Detention Center. Ms. Zhang is currently in detention at Gongjiawan.

Ren Zongshan, male, 42 years old, lives in Chengguan District of the city of Lanzhou.

List of Dafa Disciples Illegally Detained in the Gansu Provincial Women's Prison

Jing Yulan, 58 years old, from Dingxi District.
Gao Lili, female, in her 30s, from Baiyin City.
Wang Xiulan, in her 40s, from Longxi City.
Other practitioners detained include Guo Qiangchuan and Wu Xiaojing. At present, seven practitioners are detained in the Gansu Provincial Women's Prison.

Dafa Practitioners Tortured in the Lanzhou No. 2 Jail

In October of 2002, Dafa practitioners imprisoned in the Women's Brigade of the Lanzhou No. 2 Jail were seriously tortured, receiving abuse much worse than that given to death-row criminals, simply because they protested against the forced hard labor. Practitioners Yang Jingyun, Han Yuping, Zhang Zhenmin, Qi Lijun, and others, totaling seven people, had both their feet and hands handcuffed (one hand from above the shoulder and one from below). To increase the torture, the two handcuffs were weighed down with heavy lead weights. The practitioners could neither stand nor squat. The lead weights on Han Yuping's handcuffs weighed about 66 lbs. (Death-row criminals get only 18 lbs. of lead). The practitioners could not sleep and could not use the bathroom. The ordeal lasted the entire month. When the handcuffs were released, the practitioners' hands were so swollen that the handcuffs could not be pulled off of their hands, and it was a whole week before they were able to walk.

Dafa Practitioners Tortured and Have Money Extorted by the Dashaping Forced Labor Camp Hospital

In the vicious Xiguoyuan Jail and the Dashaping Forced Labor Camp, practitioners contracted an extremely itchy case of scabies. Their health was extremely weak, and they were sent to the Dashaping Forced Labor Camp Hospital. Here practitioner Yang Xuegui's family members had 1,000 Yuan extorted from them every month for ten months [500 Yuan is equal to the average monthly salary of an urban worker]. Dafa practitioner Yu Jinfang had 4,000 Yuan extorted and Wei Junren was extorted for about 1,000 Yuan. Niu Wanjiang and Xiao Jiang were serious beaten. Xiao Jiang was close to death but was sent back again to the Xiguoyuan Jail. The situation of the other seven practitioners is currently unknown.

Ping'antai Forced Labor Camp Illegally Detains and Persecutes Dafa Practitioners

Wang Fulong, male, 53 years old, from Mafang Village in Pingliang: Because he refused to cooperate with the Pingantai Police agents' brainwashing attempts, he was sent to the Lanzhou Pingantai Forced Labor Camp where he suffered inhumane treatment. Mr. Wang was deprived of sleep day and night. He was tied up spread-eagle by vicious agent Hu Shuailin and was beaten so severely that his face became unrecognizable. Mr. Wang is currently still in detention in the Pingantai Forced Labor Camp.

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