(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, I learned two Dafa truth-clarifying material sites were destroyed by the police. Practitioners with whom I was familiar were taken away only days after we met. The practitioner who brought the news broke into tears. My heart was also bleeding upon hearing the news.

As I looked inward and thought about things I knew about the material sites, I felt it necessary to write them down in the hope that we will all learn a lesson and not repeat the same mistakes in the future. Although there are many such articles on the web and we have had similar incidents happen in the past, why is it that such things still take place so often?

First of all, fellow practitioners responsible for material sites should know they are shouldering great responsibilities. Once, a fellow practitioner said to me, "I could endure being beaten and tortured in the labor camp, but what was really painful was being separated from Dafa and not being able to get updated news about Dafa." Therefore, what a magnificent task it is to guarantee the timely transmission of Dafa information so that fellow practitioners can keep up with Fa-rectification! At the same time, how serious it is! Practitioners in charge of material sites may cause losses to themselves and fellow practitioners as a result of their negligence and slackened efforts, so we must realize our responsibilities and take them very seriously. "At this great moment in history, every steady step is a glorious historic testimony, and is incomparably-magnificent mighty virtue." ("The Disciples' Magnificence," Essentials For Further Advancement II) I realized it's crucial for us to take steady steps.

How do we do that? As practitioners working on material sites, first we should study the Fa. Because there are many miscellaneous issues associated with material sites, we should eliminate all kinds of interference with righteous thoughts when studying the Fa. Fa-study and work are two separate things. Don't think about things you need to do when studying the Fa. Don't treat Fa-study as a formality. If you study the Fa for the sake of merely doing it, will you truly gain from it? Does the Fa really enter your mind? Have you really acted according to the Fa? There is an issue of degree, which of course also relates to the issue of one's cultivation level.

According to the experience we have at our material site, we study the Fa every day for at least half a day and do the work for another half a day; when we do well, we study the Fa even more, and our work will run smoother, and we will have more time to study the Fa. This is a good cycle; if there are practitioners who really don't have time to study the Fa, I think it's because they didn't arrange their work well. Maybe they have taken on too much work and they should give some to other practitioners, instead of loading all the work onto themselves. Otherwise, this will lead to increasing difficulties in the work they do, and they will have even less time to study the Fa. This will develop into a bad cycle, which is very dangerous. For material sites that really have this problem, I suggest that they immediately stop all work on hand and calmly study the Fa. We are not just doing things, we are cultivating.

Secondly, I would like to emphasize that a material site and practitioners who contact the site should be a small group. How should they cooperate so the group of Fa particles can walk their righteous paths as a whole?

I think some veteran practitioners do really well and they have solidified the group. Every time they closely read the flyers we make and point out any mistakes, including typographical errors and where reproduction was not clear. They often kindly reminded us and asked if we didn't study the Fa as much or if we slacked off.

To be honest, sometimes when we felt we were doing well and wanted to relax a little, such reminders didn't sound very pleasant. However, as practitioners we must unconditionally check ourselves. Moreover, these practitioners reminded us face to face, so we should take it even more seriously and look inward. Now, looking back, I can see that I had a lot of fear when I first started working at the materials site and didn't pay much attention to Fa-study. There were always mistakes in the printouts, including pamphlets. I am grateful to the veteran practitioners, who always reminded me to study the Fa more. Sometimes they even met me individually and patiently talked about this issue. The compassion in their tone immediately touched my heart, so I gradually took Fa-study more seriously, and the mistakes were reduced. When there was great interference from the evil, we would write a message and pass it on, asking fellow practitioners who saw the message to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the interference with our material site. Reminders and help from fellow practitioners are very important. We should detect problems in a timely manner and let others know immediately.

Sometimes, practitioners in charge of a materials site have to undertake strenuous work. There are a wide range of flyers and the quantity required is also very large. In addition, they have to study the Fa. Therefore, practitioners who pick up the materials should think about the practitioners in charge, and try their best to lighten their burden so they can have more time to study the Fa. Don't take up their time with simple technical problems. Don't ask them to print large quantities of flyers within a short time. Pick-up practitioners can also learn some skills to help the practitioners in charge of producing the materials.

Regarding the issue of cultivation of speech, every Fa particle is responsible for ensuring the safe operation of a material site, so don't circulate any information about the site. Every practitioner should act like a brick wall that blocks any information that reaches us. Don't pry or talk about the source of Dafa materials. Even now, I only know about the third level of material distribution, and I don't know anyone beyond that. Practitioners handling materials on the second level do not even know the exact location of the materials site (if we are counted as level one).

Everyone is cultivating on his or her own path. I deeply feel that the process of developing a one-person materials site into a site with several practitioners working together is also a process of constant xinxing improvement. Now, little time is left and we must not be slack. Think about the responsibilities we have on our shoulders. I hope all practitioners in charge of material sites can realize that our cultivation does not only represent ourselves, and the safety of a material site does not only represent ourselves, it represents so many fellow practitioners! Be diligent, Dafa practitioners!