In March 2003 yet another female Dafa practitioner was tortured to death at the Mishan City First Detention Center in Heilongjiang Province. Her name and other information are being investigated.

In March the police arrested dozens of Dafa practitioners and put them into the detention center. They brutally beat and force-fed the practitioners. Moreover, they shackled practitioners' hands and feet together, sometimes for over 20 days. Under the constraint of the heavy shackles, practitioners could not squat down, nor could they sit up straight. They couldn't go to the restroom, either. Kicking and beating by the guards were commonplace here.

Policeman Shi Yanping cursed at practitioners, and stopped them from doing Dafa exercises and sending forth righteous thoughts. He also slandered Dafa practitioners in front of the political security section.

Policeman Jiang Huayu peeped in the women's cells when they were taking a shower. Moreover, he often cursed at and beat Dafa practitioners.

When the police force-fed Dafa practitioners on hunger strike, oftentimes they left the tubes in practitioners' stomachs for a long period of time. They tied practitioners' feet and hands to the bed, not allowing them to go to the restroom. They also instigated criminals to beat practitioners by promising reductions in their sentence terms.

Under the long-term persecution, many practitioners had scabies all over their bodies. Instead of providing medicine, the police forcefully smoked the sores with charcoals from the stove.

The police also extorted money from families of Dafa practitioners. If the family members wanted to see their loved ones, they had to turn in 300 Yuan*. The police even beat practitioners in front of families, causing them great mental anguish.

Wang Shaoling, party secretary of the Mishan City Political and Legal Committee, is also the head of the "610 Office." She is the chief criminal who persecutes Dafa practitioners in Mishan City. She used the Second Detention Center to hold brainwashing classes, and she is directly responsible for the deaths of several Dafa practitioners.

Ma Baosheng, male, former director of the First Detention Center, was involved in the death of Dafa practitioner Liu Guiying. He slapped the face of Dafa practitioner Wan Yan in front of his elderly mother. He used bribes to send many practitioners to the Hada Third Prison. Not long ago, Ma Baosheng had a car accident, and his pelvis was fractured.

Shan Yonghai, section chief of the Agriculture University Police Station, ordered staff from the "610 Office"** to tail practitioners at the university and was responsible for the persecution of dozens of practitioners. He withheld practitioners' IDs for long periods of time.

Nan Duguo, associate dean of the Agriculture University, is in charge of persecuting Dafa practitioners. Under his directive, several professors were dismissed from work, but Nan Duguo claimed they voluntarily quit their jobs.

Zhao Shuguang, director of the Mishan City Hospital, once personally force-fed Dafa practitioners. Dafa practitioner Liu Guiying was forced-fed five times in a row. Afterwards, she died due to difficulty in breathing, but he claimed that she died of kidney failure.

(See http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2002/11/21/28935.html for an earlier report of the torture death of Liu Guiying)

We call upon kindhearted people in the world to help these innocent people, who are still being persecuted.

*Yuan is the Chinese currency. The average monthly salary of an urban worker in China is 500 Yuan.

**The 610 Office is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political or judicial systems.