May 14, 2003


The father mentioned in the article "Highly-Respected Doctor Sent to Forced Labor Camp; His Son Collects Signatures to Rescue Him" ( was freed from the forced labor camp on May 2nd. During his time in the labor camp (he was illegally arrested in mid-March), he firmly rejected the police's demands and protested the illegal detention with a hunger strike. The son mentioned in the article visited more than 1000 families to clarify the truth, and obtained more than 668 signatures to rescue his father. During the process, only a very few people, who were deeply deceived by the government's propaganda, were rude to him. Even though some people did not sign because of their fear of being implicated, most of them were clear about the truth of Dafa and expressed their sympathy. One person said: "I signed because he is a Falun Gong practitioner."