(Clearwisdon.net) Teacher told us during the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference, "But what's been given to Dafa disciples today is the state of Gods. You need to progress toward the state of Gods." After this weekend's group study, some practitioners shared experiences and understandings. Evident during the experience sharing were the frankness, wisdom, tolerance and harmonization that would only be seen among Dafa practitioners.

There was no designated moderator. We started with the top issue of Fa-rectification in our minds, the lawsuit against Jiang. Very soon we realized that we should use this coming Saturday and Sunday to send forth righteous thoughts in front of the Chinese Consulate. Then the topic shifted to the letters published in a local newspaper. Those practitioners who knew the situation gave some background information. Later, we talked about how we could clarify the facts to the local Chinese community by tying in what has happened during the SARS epidemic. Those practitioners who had experience in this area introduced the situation and shared their experiences. Finally, we discussed preparations for Falun Dafa Day. We pooled our wisdom together, and everyone contributed his or her ideas. We decided that, on Falun Dafa Day we should go to Chinatown and show support to the local Chinese community. We might also join some activities sponsored by the Chinese community so that we could further clarify the truth to the Chinese people.

During the meeting, we frankly exchanged different understandings on Fa principles with mutual understanding and tolerance. Some would supplement other practitioners' ideas. Everyone would voice support for what was decided upon. Every practitioner's words were concise and respectful of others' ideas. The discussion and experience sharing went smoothly. One practitioner thought of one idea, and others would make an effort to round it out. I think that this must be one aspect of the cooperation and coordination that Teacher asked us to achieve.

I hope that in the future our Fa study and experience sharing can all reach this state. We need to make a breakthrough in our discussion sessions so that they are smoother and more meaningful. At this point in our cultivation, every Fa study and experience sharing should be a natural exhibition and harmonization of our pure hearts towards Dafa, as well as the wisdom we have obtained through our cultivation. It should be a driving force for everyone's elevation in cultivation and help us to advance further in our cultivation during the Fa-rectification period.

I hope that practitioners will kindly point out any concerns about my understandings.