May 11, 2003


From May 5 to 8, the annual flower expo was held in a park. Centering on the theme of rescuing Charles Li and bringing Jiang to justice, Dafa practitioners in Korea held a 4-day truth-clarification event.

On the left-hand side of the entrance of the expo, practitioners demonstrated the Dafa exercises. The beautiful exercise music and the slow and gentle movements caught the attention of many tourists, who then stopped to watch. Some other practitioners then walked up to the tourists with signature books, and explained to them what Falun Gong is and how it is being persecuted in China. After learning the truth, kindhearted people with a sense of justice all signed their names. On the other side of the entrance, some Dafa truth-clarification photos were displayed. Some practitioners stood by the pictures and clarified the truth to people. People who knew the truth came to sign their names one after another.

Since there were many tourists, some practitioners then brought signature books and went to talk with them. A smile and a blessing shortened the distance between the practitioners and the tourists. During the conversation, when people understood that we were rescuing family members, promoting kindness and suppressing the evil, they happily signed their names to show their support.

This park has very beautiful scenery. There are always many tourists. Local practitioners specifically set up a site here to clarify the truth and they don't end truth-clarification work until 10pm every day.