Falun Gong practitioners have been mercilessly tortured to death or until becoming disabled while detained in the Fuyu County Forced Labor Camp, in Heilongjiang Province. Countless people have endured the mental and physical abuse that the labor camp continues to employ. These inhuman and cruel actions have continuously taken place throughout the entire course of the illegal Falun Gong persecution.

In mid-June of 2001, Jia Weijun, the head of the 4th Team, ordered criminals to brutally torture Falun Gong practitioners. Many people were beaten until they were covered in bruises. Dafa practitioner Pan Benyu was tortured severely; after the beating he coughed up mouthfuls of blood. Ma Yong, Xie Zhenzhou, and others were literally beaten black and blue, with bruises all over their bodies. Jia Weijun often stated, "It is no matter to have a few deaths in this labor camp!" When he orders guards or criminals to torture Dafa practitioners, he says, "Do whatever damage you can, I will take the responsibility for any 'accidents.'" Jia tortured Falun Gong practitioner Wang Baoxian with electric batons for as long as 30 minutes, and boasted, "I've tortured you with electric batons, you can sue me if you want."

On October 21, 2001, in order to prevent Falun Gong practitioners from practicing the exercises, Fuyu Forced Labor Camp guards gathered several criminals from other teams, several policemen from criminal police teams in the Public Security Bureau, and the prison guards working in the forced labor camp, totaling over sixty people, to brutally torture Dafa practitioners. More than twenty innocent practitioners were beaten to the ground, including Ci Hai, Luo Yongjin, Li Qi, Liu Jingming, Wu Hongjun, Lan Hongjun, Gao Deyong, Zhang Zhaohua, Xia Yunji, and Xie Zhenqiu. We can't list them all here. Some were beaten until unconscious, some were covered with bruises, with their eyes as swollen like eggs. Prison guards Tong Zhonghua, Wang Xi, Wang Quan, Huang Dianlin, and others tortured Dafa practitioner Xia Yunji into a comatose state; his mouth and nose bled excessively and the floor was covered with blood. The vicious guards left him laying unconscious on the ground for a long time. Afterwards, prison guards encouraged the criminals to drag Xia Yunji into the cell without giving any medical treatment or a health check. Since then, Xia Yunji has had chronic headaches, and his lower limbs have gradually become numb. In April 2002, this was diagnosed as cerebellum deterioration. Doctors indicated that he required instant release for emergency medical treatment. However prison guards Wang Quan and Huang Dianlin cruely said, "That's all right, he won't die." In the end of 2002, Xia Yunji lost the capability to care for himself. When he applied for a bail release on account that he needed medical treatment, the doctor in the forced labor camp extorted money from him without giving treatment. His life was in danger, but they still detained him for more than a month.

Since the end of April 2002, because Dafa practitioners continuously erected their palms and sent forth righteous thoughts, guards Wang Quan, Huang Dianlin, and others hand-cuffed practitioners and left them in a forced standing position. This brutal torture method lasted as long as five months, or as short as ten days. Everyday practitioners' wrists were cuffed and hung from a height of approximately two meters. Except for eating and bathroom use, the practitioners were forced to endure this most adverse torture for a long time everyday (usually about 12 hours a day). Dafa practitioner Wang Pingfa's arm was injured by prison guard Huang Dianlin and another unknown guard. Mr. Wang's arm remained debilitated for approximately ten months. Dafa practitioner Zhou Shuyou was cuffed by Huang Dianlin and his wrists were broken and lacerated. More than ten practitioners were handcuffed and hung up including Luo Yongjin, Liu Jingming, Xia Yunji, Zhen Yachen, Fu Zhiyu, Zhang Huabin, and Huang Liyan.

Prison guards severely persecuted Zhou Shuyou, Zhen Yachen, Fu Zhiyu, and Luo Yongjin, uncuffing them only a few days prior to October 1st. Because they had been forced to stand for such a long period of time, their feet were horribly swollen. Every day Dafa practitioners had to stand, suspended, for at least twelve hours. One day, Zhou Shuyou was hung up from early morning until 1 a.m. Also, Zhang Huabin and Gao Linjun were hung up all day, until 10 p.m.

Later that month, guards cuffed Fu Zhiyu's hands in a very painful position. One was handcuffed to a heater pipe approximately 4 feet high, and the other was cuffed at a low place, 8 inches from ground. He remained in this position for a very long time, and not long after they stopped the physical punishment, Fu Zhiyu lost consciousness due to the long term persecution he had suffered. Mr. Fu passed away on the second day of hospitalization. The prison guards actually knew that the blood pressure of Fu Zhiyu was as high as 200, and they still persecuted him mercilessly. Great respect is warranted for the severe circumstances that Mr. Fu was subjected to while in the Fuyu Forced Labor Camp.

On March 3, 2003, the Fuyu Forced Labor Camp guards increased their brutality toward Dafa practitioners. Squadron commander Han Shaokun incited Wang Quan, Huang Dianlin, Tong Zhonghua, Lu Jingfeng, Yang Xuefeng, and other police to beat Dafa practitioners. A few officers, including the Section Chief of the forced labor camp were present, but they did not stop the wrongful actions of the police. Dafa practitioners were tortured until they became unconscious, and then shackled to steel chairs.

Dafa practitioner Gao Zhenjiang was forcibly confined in a steel cage that was smaller than two square meters, and brutally tortured for seven days by team head Jia Weijun. Jia even asked, "Do you give up your belief in Dafa? If not, you will die here." The form of torture applied to Mr. Gao was very brutal. In this torture method both hands are pulled to the back of the body and cuffed to the wire in the steel cage. The victim is slightly suspended, the heels can't touch the ground, and very little movement is possible. The guards appointed criminals to monitor practitioners, and sometimes to deprive them of sleep. We saw that Gao Zhenjiang's hands were swollen severely, and he also had great difficulty walking.

Guards Wang Quan and Huang Dianlin often gloated, "We don't follow laws in persecuting you. You must do whatever we ask you to do." They also said, "No one will know if we torture you to death," "Tormenting you to death is just a game for us."