(Clearwisdom.net) My own thinking has been focused on the problem of breaking and eliminating the evil old forces. This state has lasted for a while, yet I find it is not right for it to be so.

The fundamental purpose of our cultivation practice is that through practicing cultivation, we cultivate to become a truly qualified Dafa particle in the Great Law of the cosmos and dissolve all of our own impurities. This is our fundamental purpose of cultivation. Breaking and eliminating the evil old forces and clarifying the truth are a righteous god's duty-bound responsibility and mission to safeguard the cosmos and to offer salvation to all sentient beings. However, we should recognize that these are not the fundamental purposes of our cultivation practice.

Rectifying the Fa is to perfect all the deficient and incomplete mechanisms in the old cosmos so that the new cosmos can be in a harmonious state and never collapse and be destroyed. While the old forces are factors to be eliminated, this is not the fundamental purpose of the Fa-rectification. We must strictly ask ourselves to let go of our attachments and degenerate elements because we want to assimilate to Dafa and enter the new cosmos that is absolutely pure and clean, rather than simply keep ourselves from the interference and persecution of the evil old forces. We should take the initiative to eliminate the old evil forces, instead of being passively restrained and affected by them.

In Fa-rectification cultivation, everything we have shall be all harmoniously and righteously enlightened according to the Fa, and thus we can accomplish the tasks we should be doing. If we can always be righteous in all aspects, this by itself already manifests the omnipotent power of Dafa, and consequently the interference of the evil old forces won't affect us at all. It is exactly like what Teacher has said in "The Buddha light illuminates everywhere, Propriety and justice rectify and harmonize everything." (from "In Harmony With the Fa," from Hong Yin, unofficial translation)

Only when we truly advance our cultivation in the Fa principles, can we then recognize, break and eliminate all the deceiving arrangements by the evil old forces, and truly assimilate to Dafa and become a qualified Dafa disciple.

This is just my experience to share for your reference.