April 22, 2003

The following is my report of the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners that I personally experienced, saw, and heard when I was illegally detained at the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp in Liaoning Province.

I. The Cruel Torture of Yang Chunfang

Falun Dafa practitioner Yang Chunfang was sent to the Second Branch of the Second Team at the Second Women's Center at Masanjia Forced Labor Camp in early 2001. She has been steadfast in following Falun Dafa and has refused to cooperate with any illegal requests or orders. Collaborators [Former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture] refused to allow her to use the restroom, and wouldn't let her change her underwear when she could not control her bladder. When the collaborators failed to confuse her or to shake her beliefs by lying to her, the policemen used criminals to beat her.

One night in March 2001, policemen directed some inmates to convert Yang using forced brainwashing. Specially assigned inmate Feng Yulin (a drug addict) was about to beat her. When Yang saw him come toward her, she quickly rushed out the door and cried, "Help! They're going to beat me!" The team guard on duty in the courtyard only turned around to take a look, and kept on walking as if nothing had happened. Yang's cries for help reverberated in the quadrangle but got no response.

Another day in March, specially assigned inmate Tao Shuhong (an inmate from Lingyuan) beat Yang Chunfang very badly, causing serious injuries to her chest. Yang's cries when she was being beaten, were quite terrible.

Yang was tortured on another day. Her miserable cries could be heard through the tightly shut doors, and awakened the hollow sky. She was pressed down on her face, and her legs were folded up from behind. Yi Deqin (from Yingkou) and Liu Zhixian were squatting down beside her. Present were also Yu Ping from the Second Branch and Sheng Weiling (from Benxi). After this terrible torture, Yang was unable to walk.

Neither lies nor cruel torture could change Yang's beliefs even a little. The policemen in the labor camp and in her team tortured her with a fierce determination. They deprived her of any rest. The hired criminals took half-day shifts to torture her. Each shift had three or four people. After midnight one night I saw her face pressed down on the tiled floor. It was a chilly, and the temperature that winter was much lower than usual. Her mouth was tightly tied from behind her head. Her legs were folded upward from behind her back. The people who tortured her that night were Team Guard on Duty Shao Li, and Team Guard Yu. Present were also Fu Wei of the Second Branch (from Shenyang), Ma Wenyue (from Huludao), Liu Shuwen (from Huludao), specially assigned inmate Yi Deqin, and Liu Zhixian. When Yang Chunfang was taken out the next morning, she could only walk with the support of others, and her jaw had been dislocated. Since this torture, she has never been able to walk with her back straight. At first, she had to be carried, but after some time had passed, she was able to walk slowly with support. The Hospital of the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp called her poor health condition, "no problem." Some Team Guards even said Yang pretended to be sick, and in turn, put off doing the paperwork for her to be bailed out for medical treatment. Yang had been sentenced to three years of forced labor education. As she was still there when I was released, she may still be subjected to such inhumane persecution at the camp.

People Responsible:

The Director of the Second Women's Center of the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp: Su Jing

The Team Guard: Shao Li

Guard of the Second Branch of the Second Team: Lu Yueqin

II. The Torture of Wang Jianhua (phonetic spelling of name), a Practitioner from Dalian

Wang Jianhua was sent to the Third Branch of the Second Team at the Second Women's Center at the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp in early 2001. Under the direction the Third Branch Guard, Wang Xiaofeng, three or four collaborators took a steadfast Falun Dafa practitioner to a guest room (camp visitors' lodging) and worked on "conversion." The guard on duty, Yi Deqin (from Yingkou), Liu Zhixian and Xiu Yue (from Dalian) took Wang Jianhua to such a room. Nobody knows how much time had passed before the specially assigned inmate in the hallway was disturbed by the screams coming from that room. The Team Guard's finally opened the door. By that time, Wang's face had become distorted, and lost color. Even the specially assigned inmate (a drug addict) who usually beat people was frightened upon looking at Wang's face. Shortly after they saw her, she was sent to the hospital in an ambulance. A few days later, Wang Jianhua was sent to a suite at the Center Clinic in the quadrangle. To conceal the news, and prevent any contact with her, her center and her team assigned Sha Qiang (from Shenyang) and Zhu Jing (from Panjin) to guard her twenty-four hours a day. Nobody was allowed to enter the suite except the Team Guards. Wang couldn't leave her room, even if she needed to use the restroom.

After more than a month, when her face and her health had recovered somewhat, Wang was finally sent back to her branch. When Wang's family came to visit her, Team Guard Wang Xiaofeng threatened Wang, saying, "Do you understand what you should say and shouldn't say?" Those who beat Wang were the core members of "conversion work" and have never received any punishment for what they did.

People Responsible:

Center Director: Su Jing

Team Guard of the Third Branch: Wang Xiaofeng

III. About the Fourth Branch of the Second Team at the Second Women's Center

As if to hide their real purpose, the Second Women's Center of the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp was renamed the "Ideological Education School of Liaoning Province," at the end of 2001. There were some changes in personnel structure, but the persecution didn't change at all. This part of the structure remained exactly the same.

How Team Guard Dai Yuhong tortured Falun Dafa practitioners:

One day in September 2000, Dai Yuhong interrogated Wang Jinping, a Falun Dafa practitioner from Liaoyang. Wang insisted that Falun Dafa is great and she wouldn't change her mind, so Dai Yuhong grabbed a book from her desk and slapped Wang face with it. Late last year, I noticed that an area the size of a thumbnail on the back of Wang's head didn't have any hair. Her scalp was exposed. At first, I thought she had always been this way. But another practitioner told me later that Dai Yuhong had pulled out Wang's hair. Dai ordered Wang to clean restrooms because Wang refused to give up her belief in Falun Dafa. When everyone else went to bed, Wang had to clean all the public water supply rooms and restrooms at the Second Team before she could have any rest. She was forced to do this extra cleaning for a long time.

Wang Baoqin is a Falun Dafa practitioner form Jinzhou. She had succumbed to brainwashing, but came to her senses, resumed her cultivation, and rejoined the Fa rectification. One day, Dai Yuhong asked her to go out for a talk. They "talked" for a long time. Wang secretely told me later, "Dai is ruthless. She pounded on my chest a few times. For a while, I could barely breath. I didn't recover for many days."

Jing Cuiling is another practitioner from Jinzhou. She is a tiny woman with grey hair, in her 50s. Though she hasn't had much education, she is a very righteous practitioner. One day at the end of 2001, I noticed that she often covered her chest with her hand. It looked like she wasn't well. When I asked her what was wrong, instead of telling me, she cried. Her "personal cangue" [Note: cangue, the name of an instrument of torture, is now used to indicate the person who is designated to supervise the behavior of practitioners.], Fang Ming (from Dalian), told me that Team Guard Dai Yuhong "talked" with her two days earlier. Jing looked different, with a worse complexion, when she came back. Dai Yuhong had obviously beaten her. Jing's situation reminded me of what Wang Baoqin had told me earlier.

In early 2002, Dai Yuhong ordered that the steadfast practitioners in the Fourth Branch be tortured in secret places. Jing Cuizhen was taken to a bathroom. An inmate guard stood outside the door and reported as soon as anyone approached. Only the people directly involved knew exactly what happened and for how long. The people on the scene included Zhao Guoqin from Shenyang, Zhang Yanxia from Shenyang, and Wang Yuhua from Wafangdian, Dalian City. This is what I happened to see: On hearing people were approaching, they had Jing sit on a bench, where they supported her. Jing leaned on Zhao Guoqin. Her face was flushed. It looked as if she had just done some very intense exercises. She was so weak that she couldn't open her eyes. Zhao supported her with one hand and rearranged her hair with the other hand, trying to hide something. Shortly after that, Jing was sent to the clinic for an intravenous drip. By that time, her face was completely swollen and blue. She couldn't even open her eyes.

Around New Year of 2002, a practitioner called Meng Fanhua was sent to the Fourth Branch. She has never written a word that the evil people wanted, no matter how much they insulted or tortured her. One morning, Dai Yuhong took Meng out for a "talk," and brought her back after a while. Dai asked Meng to admit her "mistakes" in front of close to one hundred people in the Branch. To her surprise, Meng exposed the brutality that Dai used on her in front of all the people listening to her. Dai stood there frozen out of embarrassment and anger. The meeting finished very quickly.