(Clearwisdom.net May 18, 2003) While celebrating World Falun Dafa Day, Malaysia Dafa practitioners held a group study and experience-sharing event.

Experience sharing Group photo in front of the twin pagodas on May 13, 2003 Group practice at Putrajaya

Practitioners from all over Malaysia participated in this group study. There were quite a few new practitioners. Some of them just started a few months ago and some just a few weeks ago. These practitioners have quite positive understandings of clarifying the truth. A new practitioner shared her amazing experience. She gave up practicing Falun Gong for a while after the Jiang regime initiated the persecution against Falun Gong and resumed the practice after a serious illness and listening to a friend's advice. She said, "One night after I resumed the practice, I could not sleep. Suddenly, I saw a large ghost-like figure flying into my house through the window. It looked horrible and as if it had just come out of the mud. I recited the verse of sending forth righteous thoughts. As soon as I recited 'The Fa rectifies the cosmos...' the apparition ran away." She said that after that experience, she paid more attention to sending forth righteous thoughts. The experience made her more steadfast in cultivation during Fa-rectification.

The group study provided a good chance for the practitioners to exchange cultivation experiences, and everyone found it to be very beneficial.